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> "Платиновые" CD

post 21/10/2013, 09:56
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Интересные результаты тестов:
Dear Guys,
I want to share my own comparison of 3 Aja discs: Platinum, non-Platinum and SHM-SACD.
It was written 2 weeks ago, but I was waiting for some another comparison to be posted to do not put any pressure from my report. I sent open letter to my friend about this comparison test. Here it is:
Hi Paul,
I have to tell you very important thing, which can be named: Truth about Platinum Reflective Coating. As you know, I bought all 3 versions of Aja to compare them to each other. Please listen to whole story:
From the beginning, I compared Pt and non-Pt in my computer system, which is not bad at all (Axiom Audio Audiobites):
No difference in sound was found.(I believe, it's due to cheap computer Blu-ray transport. Pt happens to be less reflective then Au, and, even less than Al. It's required a good laser. Overall sound was good, better than any regular CD.
Because I, currently, don't have SACD player, I decided to run to local Hi-End Audio store, named Quintessence Audio, while it was still open. Owner of the store agreed to do blind test. The system was: Vienna Acoustic speakers with Simaudio Moon electronics. From the first 40 sec of the first track, it became obvious to us: Pt was better, and not just a little better, but hands down better, non-Pt was... somewhat dull, closer to reg. CD sound, while Pt was closer to good LP sound. Soundstage was shockingly huge. Transparent sound immediately filled entire room - speakers disappeared. Second noticeable difference was separation between instruments, which usually leads to revealing more details, but I didn't have time to catch that.
Again, because SACD was not on display at the time, I quickly left for another Hi-End Audio store - Audio Consultants. Guy at the store also agreed to help with blind test to compare all 3 discs. Player was Ayre G-5xe universal player, speakers - Wilson Audio Sophia 3. But, unfortunately, in excitement rush, I made big mistake choosing right amp. Instead of good, time tested workhorse Bryston (600W/ch), I picked two Boulder monoblocks and, even didn't ask how much power they have. It happened to be just 200W, definitely not enough for Sophia with Sensitivity 87db. As result, Pt sounded a bit bright, even edgy at some places, when we tried to crank the volume. No wonder that Pt, regardless it won over non-Pt, lost to SHM-SACD. SHM-SACD withstands underpowered amp and showed solid, weighty more natural sound. However, Pt was more speedy one. I have to admit, that non-Pt was better in this setup. Both Pt and non-Pt showed equally good deep undistorted bottom end.
I ended up in my living room testing Pt vs. non-Pt in my own system:
CD Player: Music Fidelity New-Vista
Power amp: InnerSound/Coda Technologies Kilowatt Monoblocks (1000W)
Preamp: InnerSound/Coda Technologies
Speakers: B & W Nautilus 802 (500W power handling)
Sub: Polk Audio DSW MicroPro 2000 (1200W)
Speaker Cables: Analysis Plus Oval 8 (bi-amped)
Interconnect Cables: Acoustic Zen
Treated with such a power, Pt showed its best: striking soundstage, openness and details. 3-demantional sound was VITAL from the top to the bottom without any sign of brightness or edginess, even, when I cranked the volume. Big Power is the best doctor in any system. When big Power stepping in, there is no place for the match-no-match game - all components match to each other and sound improves in all aspects and characteristics.
MoFi never gives us opportunity to compare Gold version with Regular one, featuring the same Remaster. Universal does. It was already very good sign. I was truly believer, but even me, didn't expect such a result. How big deference is between Pt and non-Pt CD?:
I asked my wife, who is far from my toys, to take blind test. First I put Pt, then non-Pt. She said: "Of course, first one is better - it's Stereo one, second one is not Stereo". End of Story.
I tried one more time next day with fresh head. Non-Pt sounds also very good, no distortion, high and low are the same, sound is pretty clean. But when you put Pt one, you like went into the different room; room with better acoustic. "Sweet spot"/Focus is so wide that you are walking across the room from one speaker to another and still can hear the first speaker. Sound is more airy, more immediate - better dynamics. It's, also, more clear. When people are saying "crystal clear", that's exactly, I think, what it is.
After all, I came to conclusion: Platinum reflective coating does sound better vs. non-Platinum version. How better, depends on equipment and system configuration.
(Paul, when you will upgrade your system just follow my rule #2: Min Power of the amp must be twice as much as is Max Power Handling of your speakers. This is the way you can squeeze the best sound from your speakers.)
If you remember, I compared CD with wheels of the car: alloy wheels can improve performance of the car just a bit, but they will last. The same thing with SHM, which can improve performance of CD about 2-3%, but it can last several times longer than reg. CD. However tires can improve performance of the car drastically. That what happened with CD. Platinum coating is our tires. You didn't believe, but it improves sound quality drastically. I predicted that it will improve sound on 5-7%, but I was wrong. I think, upon what I heard by my own ears, it improves sound on 20-25%. SHM and Platinum coating match to each other perfectly - the best "pit formation" met the smoothest surface - perfect combination. I have no doubts now: Platinum layer does matter it breathed life into old redbook CD. It is great job by JVC and Uni. They said that they choose Platinum for its durability and ability to create smoothest surface, as a "noble material of finest"; it was widely used in other fields, but not in audio; "We dare to try". And they succeeded. I only can be happy for them. Further improvement of old CD, I think, will be drive price over $43 - it doesn't make sense.
I wish that all SHM CD will be made with Platinum reflective coating.
I hope non-Pt version and fancy Pt boxes will be dropped and price will go dawn to $30. It is already happened to SHM: difference in the price between SHM and non-SHM Mini LP is $3-5 now.
As Mini LP collector, I need to buy Pt Queen entire collection. I just wonder how far-looking Uni is: they made Queen SHM-SACD in stupid plastic especially, that now, I could put SACD discs on the holder of Pt boxes to keep both version together.
For myself, I decided to buy Platinum SHM of old SHM-SACD releases, where Remaster wasn't done right and those, where I need Mini LP for my collection (Queen, Mike Oldfield...), and SHM-SACD new releases, which coming in Mini LP presentation now. I compared Universal Japanese descriptions, and it is the same for both versions of new releases.
I believe that Platinum SHM Jazz titles will be released in Digibook (in size of Mini LP) with clear slipcase and Logo, similar to Sony new K2HD Series.
Thank you very much and wish you well, T.D.
P.S. I ordered Pt Aja not just for myself, but for another guy to compare with SACD. Here is his review:
''Just did the comparison between SACD Aja and the new Platinum disc. Not a whole lot of difference! The SACD sounds a little "fuller" to my ears than the CD, but both are really outstanding. I don't think I'll sell my SACD's yet, but am terribly excited about the future of these new discs.''
Waiting for your response.
Speaking of MristerBritt's test, the result is pretty similar:
Mr.Britt's: On a scale of 1-10 -- not saying the SHM-SACD is an absolute "10", but simply relative to the contenders it represents the far side of the spectrum -- I would say the non-Platinum is 6, the Platinum - 7 and 1/2, and the SHM-SACD - 10.
Mine: On a scale of 1-10: non-Pt -5, Pt -8 and SHM-SACD - 9 and 1/2.
Mr.Britt's: The non-Platinum CD sounds great. The Platinum sounds even better. The SHM-SACD blows them away.
Mine: The non-Platinum CD sounds very good. The Platinum blows him away. The SHM-SACD sounds even better.
I really appreciate MisterBritt's effort and asking him to contact me, as I have very personal question for him.
Thank you, guys.
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post 21/10/2013, 19:53
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Перенес эту тему сюда, потому что не понял, какое отношение она имеет к многоканальным аудио-дискам - в разделе "Многоканальная музыка > Аудиозаписи в современных форматах" размещаются они и только они.
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post 21/10/2013, 19:59
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Касательно сути, то к "тестам" это не имеет никакого отношение - стандартные "записки аудиофила".
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