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Многоканальная Музыка _ Аудиозаписи в современных форматах _ R.E.M. "Out Of Time"

Автор: Mineralist 31/03/2013, 20:09

R.E.M. "Out Of Time" CD + DVD-Audio

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DVD-Audio :
DVD-Audio 96/24 5.1
DVD-Audio 96/24 2.0

+ Unreleased "Time Piece" Video Documentary
+ Photo Gallery

• Bill Berry – drums, percussion, congas on "Low", bass guitar on "Half a World Away" and "Country Feedback", piano on "Near Wild Heaven", backing vocals on "Near Wild Heaven", "Belong", and "Country Feedback"
• Peter Buck – electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin on "Losing My Religion" and "Half a World Away"
• Mike Mills – bass guitar; backing vocals; organ on "Radio Song", "Low", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Country Feedback"; piano on "Belong"; harpsichord on "Half a World Away"; percussion on "Half a World Away"; lead vocals on "Near Wild Heaven" and "Texarkana"; keyboards and arrangement on "Losing My Religion" and "Texarkana"
• Michael Stipe – lead vocals, bass melodica and arrangement on "Endgame", backing vocals on "Near Wild Heaven" and "Texarkana"
Additional musicians
• David Arenz – violin on "Radio Song", "Low", "Near Wild Heaven", "Endgame", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Texarkana"
• Ellie Arenz – violin on "Radio Song", "Low", "Near Wild Heaven", "Endgame", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Texarkana"
• Mark Bingham – string arrangements on "Radio Song", "Low", "Near Wild Heaven", "Endgame", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Texarkana"
• David Braitberg – violin on "Radio Song", "Low", "Near Wild Heaven", "Endgame", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Texarkana"
• Andrew Cox – cello on "Radio Song", "Low", "Near Wild Heaven", "Endgame", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Texarkana"
• Reid Harris – viola on "Radio Song", "Low", "Near Wild Heaven", "Endgame", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Texarkana"
• Peter Holsapple – bass guitar on "Radio Song" and "Low"; acoustic guitar on "Losing My Religion", "Shiny Happy People", and "Texarkana"; electric guitar on "Belong"
• Ralph Jones – double bass on "Radio Song", "Low", "Near Wild Heaven", "Endgame", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Texarkana"
• Kidd Jordan – baritone saxophone on "Radio Song" and "Near Wild Heaven", tenor saxophone on "Radio Song" and "Endgame", alto saxophone on "Radio Song", bass clarinet on "Low" and "Endgame"
• John Keane – pedal steel guitar on "Texarkana" and "Country Feedback"
• Dave Kempers – violin on "Radio Song", "Low", "Near Wild Heaven", "Endgame", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Texarkana"
• KRS-One – rapping on "Radio Song"
• Scott Litt – echo-loop feed on "Radio Song"
• Elizabeth Murphy – cello on "Radio Song", "Low", "Near Wild Heaven", "Endgame", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Texarkana"
• Paul Murphy – lead viola on "Radio Song", "Low", "Near Wild Heaven", "Endgame", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Texarkana"
• Kate Pierson – vocals on "Near Wild Heaven", and duet on "Shiny Happy People", "Me in Honey"
• Jay Weigel – orchestral liaison on "Radio Song", "Low", "Near Wild Heaven", "Endgame", "Shiny Happy People", "Half a World Away", and "Texarkana"
• Cecil Welch – flugelhorn on "Endgame"
    Side one – "Time side"
  1. "Radio Song" (feat. KRS-One) – 4:12
  2. "Losing My Religion" – 4:26
  3. "Low" – 4:55
  4. "Near Wild Heaven" – 3:17
  5. "Endgame" – 3:48
    Side two – "Memory side"
  6. "Shiny Happy People" – 3:44
  7. "Belong" – 4:03
  8. "Half A World Away" – 3:26
  9. "Texarkana" – 3:36
  10. "Country Feedback" – 4:07
  11. "Me In Honey" – 4:06

Surround Sound Remix Produced by Elliot Scheiner
Assistant Engineer: Jamie Candiloro

R.E.M./Athens, L.L.C./Warner Bros. (8122-73851-2), 2005

Автор: Mineralist 1/04/2013, 08:39

Для меня РЕМ так и остался бы группой одного Хита, если бы не шайнеровские миксы.
Изучая их, то проникаешься авторитетом былых работ миксера, то сравнивая с другими инженерными решениями, понимаешь: Шайнер был, явно, не форме.
Вот именно здесь он допустил массу ошибок, свойственным начинающим.
- Усилив громкостью фронты, ослабил тылы: дисбаланс.
- В тылы залил малую часть инструментов. Мог бы и больше. Поленился. Тылы неказистые (кроме тех, что укажу ниже).
- Очень часто попавший в тыл инструмент там так и сидит: что слева, что справа - зеркалит.
- Совсем мало-мало динамических эффектов. О потенциальной пинг-понговости "Low" стоит сказать отдельно: там-тамы только спереди. И могли бы и вокруг. Но не стали.
Поэтому из 11 вещей: основная масса от 7 до 8 баллов. Лишь четыре номера по 9 баллов: 4, 6, 10 и 11. В них теплится тыловая жизнь.
Средний балл оказался равен семи с половиной. Округляю до 7, т.к. нет движухи и потенциал не раскрыт.
Чего бы пожелалось, так это динамических штучек: каких-нить леталок и, вообще, движения вутри трека. Вышло что-то одной муз. картины внутри одной дорожки по заданным настройкам крутилок-рукояток (pre-set).
Резюме: могло быть и лучше. А для Шайнера позор. Ибо Шайнер же.

Альбом хорошо продавался. Здесь его история из разных источников.

Out of Time is the seventh album by the American alternative rock band R.E.M., released on Warner Bros. Records in 1991. With Out of Time R.E.M.'s status grew from that of a cult band to a massive international act. The record topped the album sales charts in both the U.S. and the United Kingdom, spending 109 weeks on American album charts and enjoying two separate spells at the summit, and 183 weeks on the British charts, and spending a single week at the top. The album has sold over four and a half million copies in the US and over 18 million copies worldwide.[6][7] The album won three Grammy Awards in 1992: one as Best Alternative Music Album, and two for the first single, "Losing My Religion".
Out of Time combines elements of pop, folk and classical music heard on their previous album Green, with a new concentration on country elements that would continue on 1992's Automatic for the People.
Preceded by the release of "Losing My Religion", which became R.E.M.'s biggest U.S. hit, Out of Time gave them their first U.S. and UK #1 album. The band did not tour to support the release.
In Germany, it is the band's best-selling album, selling more than 1,250,000 copies, reaching 5× gold.[8]
Out of Time was the first R.E.M. album to have an alternative expanded release on Compact Disc, including expanded liner notes and postcards. In Spain, a contest was held to have a limited edition cover with the winner being an abstract oil painting.

Release history
In 2005, Warner Bros. Records issued an expanded two-disc edition of Out of Time which includes a CD, a DVD-Audio disc containing a 5.1-channel surround sound mix of the album done by Elliot Scheiner, lyrics, a photo album, and the original CD booklet with expanded liner notes. In 2011 Warner Bros. released a 96khz, 24-bit and 192 kHz, 24 bit release of the album at HDtracks.

Editorial Reviews
Though R.E.M. titled a later album Monster, this 1991 smash was the true monster, with the little Athens, Georgia, quartet graduating once and for all from its jangling independent-rock roots. The confusion Michael Stipe communicates in the catchy "Losing My Religion" and the dark-and-dreamy "Low" hit the mainstream-rock audience when it was most primed for uneasy angst. (Nirvana's Nevermind was released a few months later.) There are also odd but successful experiments, like ceding the opening "Radio Song" to rapper KRS-One (with Stipe playing the moaning straight man) and going peppy for the surprisingly nonsarcastic "Shiny Happy People." --Steve Knopper
Warner's new edition of the band's mainstream contender has been both digitally remastered for superior sound as well as expanded with a new, bonus DVD. That new chapter contains an expansive, 5.1 surround mix as well as Time Piece, a previously unreleased 1991 20-minute documentary that chronicles the recording of the album via rare in-studio footage and band interviews. Also included are the video for "Losing My Religion" and an album of period still photos.
Product Description
After putting Athens, GA, on the musical map in the early '80s, R.E.M. went on to become one of the world's biggest bands. Fusing folk, garage rock, pop sensibilities, and insightful lyrics delivered with Michael Stipe's inimitable lead vocals, these alt-rock forefathers built a massive indie following, and in 1988 unleashed their major-label debut, Warner Bros.' Green. This roots rock tour de force was followed in '91 by the Grammy-winning #1 blockbuster Out of Time, which led to an ongoing stream of masterpieces. These two classics, along with five more albums from R.E.M.'s extraordinary catalog-plus their retrospective Best Of-now each feature a Bonus DVD with Surround Sound audio and video extras.

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