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> Mansun - Attack Of The Grey Lantern (Deluxe), Анонс МК релиза

post 30/03/2018, 01:24
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Mansun - Attack Of The Grey Lantern (Deluxe)
A 21st Anniversary deluxe 4 disc edition of the groundbreaking debut album by Mansun (containing the ageless anthem Wide Open Space).

A brilliant hybrid of cinematic Art Rock invention and soaring melodies, Attack Of The Grey Lantern reached #1 in the UK charts on its 1997 release.

This 21st anniversary edition of Attack Of The Grey Lantern contains 3 CDs and a DVD-V (NTS-C Region 0) in a 72-page hardback book featuring the iconic 'roses' cover art. The audio has been remastered from the original master tapes by Jon Astley (Led Zeppelin, The Who).

The first CD contains the original album, the second is packed with previously unreleased demos, rarities and outtakes from the Mansun archive, and the third features BBC Radio 1 session tracks from 1995 and 1996 that have not been available since they were on air.

The DVD includes the album's first ever 5.1 surround sound mix (DTS 96/24 5.1 and Dolby Digital AC3 5.1) by long-time Mansun collaborator P-Dub, a hi-resolution stereo audio (24bit/48kHz Linear PCM) and 8 original promotional videos.

The book includes newly unearthed photos, extracts from Paul Draper's notebook documenting the early beginnings of AOTGL, previously unreleased original artwork, a foreword penned by Draper, in-depth sleeve notes by journalist Paul Stokes, and many unearthed treasures.

Pre-orders via Burning Shed come with an exclusive download of the mp3 file for the fourth track from the 'rarities’ CD, Dark Mavis Demo", described by Draper as the original version that makes use of drum machine recordings.

Available at the special 'early bird' price of £29.99.


Mansun are regarded as one of the most innovative British bands of the late 1990s and released three classic albums - Attack Of The Grey Lantern (1997), Six (1998), Little Kix (2000) - a retrospective compilation Kleptomania and a popular series of EPs during its existence. The Kscope label has acquired the band's impressive catalogue and are creating a deluxe reissue series that delves into a treasure trove of previously unreleased audio and visual material.

The band developed fervent cult following, which holds an annual UK Mansun Convention and started a petition that called for frontman Paul Draper to release his debut solo album Spooky Action in August 2017. The solo album, also released on Kscope, hit #19 in the UK album charts and led to a sold out UK solo tour and a US tour with Steven Wilson.CD 1

1. The Chad Who Loved Me [05:02]
2. Mansun's Only Love Song [05:55]
3. Taxloss [07:04]
4. You, Who Do You Hate? [03:06]
5. Wide Open Space [04:33]
6. Stripper Vicar [04:11]
7. Disgusting [05:12]
8. She Makes My Nose Bleed [03:55]
9. Naked Twister [04:39]
10. Egg Shaped Fred [04:11]
11. Dark Mavis [08:36]
12. An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter [04:01]


1. The Chad Who Loved Me (5.1 mix) [05:02]
2. Mansun's Only Love Song (5.1 mix) [05:55]
3. Taxloss (5.1 mix) [07:04]
4. You, Who Do You Hate (5.1 mix) [03:06]
5. Wide Open Space (5.1 mix) [04:33]
6. Stripper Vicar (5.1 mix) [04:11]
7. Disgusting (5.1 mix) [05:12]
8. She Makes My Nose Bleed (5.1 mix) [03:55]
9. Naked Twister (5.1 mix) [04:39]
10. Egg Shaped Fred (5.1 mix) [04:11]
11. Dark Mavis (5.1 mix) [08:36]
12. An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter (5.1 mix) [04:01]
13. Flourella (promo video)
14. Egg Shaped Fred (promo video)
15. Take It Easy Chicken (promo video)
16. Stripper Vicar (promo video)
17. Wide Open Space (promo video)
18. Wide Open Space (US promo video )
19. She Makes My Nose Bleed (promo video)
20. Taxloss (promo video)

CD 2

1. Disgusting (demo)
2. Rebel Without A Quilt (original version)
3. Naked Twister (demo)
4. Dark Mavis (demo)
5. The Dutchess (backing jam)
6. Ski Jump Nose (original version)
7. She Makes My Nose Bleed (strings only)
8. The Chad Who Loved Me (backing track take 1)
9. Stripper Vicar (take 1)
10. Stripper Link (full length version)
11. Dark Mavis (rejected version)
12. She Makes My Nose Bleed (version 1)
13. An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter (take 1)
14. The Greatest Pain (backing track take 1)
15. You, Who Do You Hate? (early version)
16. She Makes My Nose Bleed (demo)
17. Egg Shaped Fred (mix 1)

CD 3

1. Skin Up Pin Up (Radio One Session 14/9/95) [04:05]
2. Grey Lantern (Radio One Session 14/9/95) [03:02]
3. Flourella (Radio One Session 15/5/96) [04:07]
4. Naked Twister (Radio One Session 15/5/96) [03:46]
5. Drastic Sturgeon (Radio One Session 15/5/96) [03:27]
6. Egg Shaped Fred (Soho Live Radio One Evening Session 12/11/96) [04:15]
7. Take It Easy Chicken (Soho Live Radio One Evening Session 12/11/96) [05:55]
8. Stripper Vicar (Mark Radcliffe Session 16/12/96) [03:48]
9. She Makes My Nose Bleed (Mark Radcliffe Session 16/12/96) [03:48]
10. Wide Open Space (Mark Radcliffe Session 16/12/96) [04:18]
11. The Chad Who Loved Me (Mark Radcliffe Session 16/12/96)
12. Ski Jump Nose (Mark Radcliffe Session 16/12/96)

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