Bruford - Seems Like A Lifetime Ago 1977-1980 [boxset]

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Автор: Mineralist 18/08/2017, 10:52

Несмотря на многочисленные слухи о "смерти" формата DVD-A, данный набор содержит ажно два микса из дискографии очень именитого и непростого барабанщика. И оба диска это DVD-A.
Итак, встречаем:

Containing the collected works of Bruford on one extraordinary 6cd/2dvd-a box set, Seems Like A Lifetime Ago is a magnificent testament to one of the UK's most inventive and important Progressive Fusion bands.

Featuring 2017 remastered versions of the albums Feels Good To Me (1978), One Of A Kind (1979), The Bruford Tapes (1979), and Gradually Going Tornado (1980), the set additionally includes the previously unreleased Live At The Venue, 1980 and the highly sought after 4th Album Rehearsal Sessions (also from 1980).

Showcasing the prodigious talents of Bill Bruford, Dave Stewart, the late Allan Holdsworth (who the album is dedicated to), Jeff Berlin and The 'Unknown' John Clark, the set includes a 16 page colour booklet (with band interviews and an essay written by Sid Smith), a reproduction concert poster, two black and white photo prints of the band, and a signed and numbered certificate of authentication.

Feels Good To Me and One Of A Kind are available on both remastered CD and DVD-a, the latter featuring 2017 5.1 mixes by Jakko Jakszyk.


Produced by Bill Bruford and presented in a 12” box, four gatefold sleeves contain two discs each:

Gatefold 1

- DVD-A 1: Feels Good To Me: 5.1 surround sound and original 1978 mix remastered
- CD 1: 2017 remix from original masters                                                                       

Gatefold 2

- DVD-A 2: One of a Kind: 5.1 surround sound and original 1979 mix remastered.
- CD 2:  2017 remix from original masters
- Previously unreleased outtake of Five G                                       

Gatefold 3

- CD 3: Gradually Going Tornado: remaster
- CD 4: The Bruford Tapes: remaster
- Bonus track: Manacles

Gatefold 4

- CD 5: Live at the Venue (previously unreleased and recorded in London in 1980).
- CD 6: The 4th Album Rehearsal Sessions (previously unreleased and featuring eighteen rehearsal sketches of material earmarked for a Gradually Going Tornado follow-up).


- 16 page 12” Booklet

- Sid Smith essay with new interviews with producer, engineer, band members, eyewitnesses and others.
- Previously unseen archive visual material.
- Complete band date sheet with contemporary critical reaction.

- 2 x black and white 10” x 8” band photos.
- 1 x A3 size colour poster accompanying ‘Live at the Venue’.
- 1 x signed numbered certificate of authentication

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Seems Like A Lifetime Ago

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