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> David Alan "David Alan", DVD-Audio

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post 7/12/2011, 18:31
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Группа: Модераторы
Сообщений: 2,682
Из: Zhengzhou 郑州 China

Аудио диски:  565  / 276
Музыкальные DVD:  198  / 93

David Alan "David Alan" DVD-Audio

David Alan "David Alan" , DVD-Audio

DVD-Audio :
DVD-Audio 48/24 5.1
DTS 5.1
Dolby Digital 2.0

+ The DTS Story
  1. Locomotive
  2. Give Me Back My Heart
  3. Memorize This Moment
  4. Marylou
  5. Mississippi Girl
  6. It Should've Been You
  7. Dangerous
  8. Are You Ready For Love?
  9. The Further She'll Fly
  10. The Woman In You

DTS Encoding by: Jeff Levison

DTS, Inc. (69286-01079-9-1), 2001
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post 8/12/2011, 16:52
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Группа: Модераторы
Сообщений: 2,682
Из: Zhengzhou 郑州 China

Аудио диски:  565  / 276
Музыкальные DVD:  198  / 93

Как здорово быть американцем и наигрывать что-нить а-ля «Орлы»! Озолотят, в галерею поставят, на худой конец, ядрёный хайрез в DVD-Audio выпустят.
Этот худой конец и случился с неким Дэвидом, им же Аланом.
Публикации позиционируют его как кантри-певца. Мне он показался ближе к року c привкусом "села". Бодренький такой материальчик с одним медлячком. Дебютник его группы Pacific Coast Highway он просто озаглавил своим же именем и выдал за свой (этот).
CD Universe
David Alan, the lead singer of the acclaimed country-pop band Pacific Coast Highway, re-releases the group's debut album, MEMORIZE THIS MOMENT, as a self-titled record under his name. Remastered in the cutting edge DTS Surround Sound of the DVD-Audio format, DAVID ALAN is a triumph of hybrid styles, seamlessly combining elements of pop, country, and early rock & roll.

Разобравшись с жанром переходим к главному блюду.
До 6го трека включительно не было понятно, руками ли делано? Не зря имя миксера в кредитах отсутствует. Что-то как-то едва гитарками перекликается в тылах и всё.
С 7.Dangerous игра пошла веселее - первый же взятый гитарный рифф был взят в тылу 01-regular_smile.gif Как та победа, что там куётся. Признаки мультиканальной жизни, или полужизни-полусмерти, запущены и движутся до конца программы. Неуловимо аккуратное побрякивает и постукивает, намекая, что не стерео уже мол, игра "по-крупному" идёт, man!
Кем же был тот "мэн", внезапно в середине альбома чипом-и-дейлом пришедшим на помощь? Зато 10-ый трек наш Завтрамэн ("всё будет сделано - тока завтра!") раскрасил почти на 10ку! Разогнался...а бежать уже и некуда...
Как оценивать финиш?
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7-9 = 7 баллов
10 = 10 баллов.
В сумме = 5 баллов

Звук прописан отменно: чётко-звонко. В кредитах благодарности массе народу, в том числе Элу Шмитту. 04-wink_smile.gif К чему бы это?

Меню просто. Во время треков на экране авточередование текстов.

Здесь амазонские хроники, кому интересно:
Product Description
Album Description
Previously release under the band name PCH, front man David Alan is now releasing this title under his own name, a special DVD-Audio version of their debut Album--with both stereo and 5.1 surround mixes. David is a hot new country/pop singer/songwriter, with a musical style reminiscent of early James Taylor and the Eagles.
Audio Options: 5.1 MLP for DVD-Audio Players; 5.1 DTS for DTS-Capable systems; 2.0 PCM for all DVD-Video players
About the Artist
The Answer Man - Grab yourself a beer and enjoy this fun artist named David Alan. You will hear a little pop, rock, and I think the most influence is a lot of country! There are some songs that reminded me ofa little bit like Vince Gill and maybe a little Lyle Lovett. The music is a lot of fun to listen too and you will find yourself singing some of the hooks that are on this recording... This is a very enjoyable album to be able to listen too in glorious 5.1. And there are plenty of great guitar riffs that will have your feet tapping. I wish David Alan the best, because I think he has a lot of talent that everybody will enjoy... The sound quality is another fine clean mix that really separates the instruments to bring you listening experience like no other in 5.1. The rears were used mostly for a nice, open ambience but with a couple of cool tricks panning from one speaker to the next. The bass has a nice low-end feel to it that is not too much or too little. Recorded at Parsonics, London between December of 1995 and June of 1996, On Air represents the latest album from Alan Parsons. What makes this disc stand out from previous recordings is that it was mastered in multi- channel high definition surround sound.
This DVD-A is unique in that it starts off with 90% of the sound emanating from the left rear speaker. In "Blue Blue Sky", Eric Stewarts voice comes across like he is sitting in your room. The guitar sounds so crisp and detailed, which really makes you forget that it is coming from a speaker. It actually gives the listener a unique perspective to hear vocals and acoustic guitar derived from a non-centralized point source in the room.
Most of the album is very melodic and you will find yourself floating away in a balloon if you just close your eyes and use your imagination. "Apollo" is a real eye opener. This song makes for a great demo because it presents so much sound to every speaker in your system. The bass definition is both deep and tight and will give your subwoofer a workout. The highs are transparent and very detailed and will make your head turn towards the rear speakers in surprise of how good they sound... I highly recommend adding this DVD-Audio disc to your collection if you are fortunate enough to own a DTS decoder and a multi channel surround system. - Gene DellaSala

The Country Music genre continues to take many twists and turns, but that does not always mean anything groundbreaking or innovative. There are few artists in the genre who are trying to do something new or have a vision, but through his band PCH, David Alan could have went for something different. Oddly now, that 1997 album has been reissued as a DVD-Audio title under his own name and this move does make some sense.
Though it offers some good musicianship, this is very basic Country that is not over-glamorized like the Garth Brooks/Shania Twain cycle has brought us, but does not feel like a trip back to anything down to earth either. Instead, the 10 tracks offered here are of the garden-variety school of what both the semantics and syntax of the genre established a long time ago.
This may be comforting to some, but is nothing to get excited about either. There is the “girl song” (Mary Lou), the “I am impressed with your femininity song” (The Woman In You), the “traveling song” (Locomotive), the “tear in my beer song” (Give Me Back My Heart), the “I’m getting old though I am still young song” (Memorize This Moment), and the “I met her in this town song” (Mississippi Girl) covering all the bases. This may be reassuring to some, but obvious otherwise.
The album certainly does not fail much on a sonic level. These are accomplished musicians and Alan has a decent voice, while the actual recording holds up well enough for being a few years old. The music is offered in 3 versions. The Dolby Digital 2.0 (before DTS Entertainment abandoned this for PCM CD Stereo tracks) is here for cross-compatibility with all PC DVD-ROM drives and for those without 5.1 sound systems. It is the lamest mix, as expected. The High-Definition Meridian Lossless Packing and somewhat lossy DTS 5.1 mixes are about the same; impressive enough, but with little difference between the two. The MLP is marginally fuller, but not enough to say it makes a strong difference, but would still be the preferred playback signal, unless bass becomes an issue. That is, of course, a varying factor, as too many DVD-Audio set-ups do not have good (if any) base management through their receivers.
That is why DTS is always such a fine alternative. The disc offers no extras, but can claim to be one of the earliest DVD-Audios in the Country genre. This is bound to make it early test material for fans, so if it sounds like something you would still be interested in hearing, it would not hurt to take a listen.
- Nicholas Sheffo

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David Alan - David Alan  DVD A - back

Купи диск с музыкой в 5.1 здесь: +
- Из всех искусств для нас важнейшим является мультиканал!
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