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> The Fabulous Thunderbirds "Live", DVD-Audio

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post 27/03/2012, 13:01
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Группа: Модераторы
Сообщений: 2,666
Из: Zhengzhou 郑州 China

Аудио диски:  563  / 266
Музыкальные DVD:  198  / 93

The Fabulous Thunderbirds "Live" DVD-Audio

The Fabulous Thunderbirds "Live" , DVD-Audio

DVD-Audio :
DVD-Audio 96/24 5.1
DTS 5.1
Dolby Digital 2.0

+ Video
+ Photos
+ Interview
+ The DTS Story
    Recorded at The Complex in Los Angeles, CA
  1. "Introduction" (Dave Adleson) - 0:07
  2. "Wait On Time" (Kim Wilson) - 4:12
  3. "My Babe" (Ron Holden) - 5:47
  4. "The Things I Used To Do" (Eddie Jones) - 5:46
  5. "The Hustle Is On" (H. Eddy Owens) - 3:27
  6. "I Can Tell" (Samuel Smith) - 4:02
  7. "Look Whatcha Done” (Sam Magnett) - 4:46
  8. "Wrap It Up" (Isaac Hayes, David Porter) - 3:01
  9. "Early Every Morning" (B.B. King, Joe Josea) - 5:37
  10. "She's Tough" (Jerry McCain) - 4:54
  11. "I Believe I'm In Love" (Wilson) - 3:35
  12. "Tuff Enuff" (Wilson) - 5:41
  13. "People Will Be People" (Dave Egan) - 4:15
  14. "Where Were You" (Smiley Lewis) - 5:37

5.1 Editing by: Ric Wilson
5.1 mastering by: Denny Purcell at Georgetown Masters

DTS, Inc. (69286-01068-9-5), 2001
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post 12/04/2012, 16:03
Сообщение #2


Группа: Модераторы
Сообщений: 2,666
Из: Zhengzhou 郑州 China

Аудио диски:  563  / 266
Музыкальные DVD:  198  / 93

Что за птицы, читаем здесь:
Live is a 2001 live album by Texas based Blues Rock band The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Recorded on the evening of February 16th, 2000, the concert made history somewhat for becoming the first ever to be broadcast over the internet using high-definition cameras. It was also released on DVD titled "Invitation Only". Some versions of the album are titled "This Night in L.A."

By Reverend Keith A. Gordon, Guide
An institution among American blues-rockers, the Fabulous Thunderbirds have undergone a number of changes during their quarter-century-long career, not all of them positive or encouraging. With the release of this energetic live album, however, Kim Wilson and his blues posse seem to be back on track with a high-octane "greatest hits" set that revisits old T-Birds classics as well as outlining a potential roadmap for the band's future.
The Fabulous Thunderbirds Live
Live was recorded at a special event in February 2000, a private party of 200 friends and fans on hand to hear the band make history with their "This Night In L.A." internet broadcast. The show was captured as one of the first high-resolution, multi-track recordings made of a live performance, and the quality shows in the CD version offered on Live (the show is also available on DVD).
The material chosen by the Thunderbirds for this broadcast includes the usual mix of guitar-driven Texas blues and soul-infused R&B tunes. The band throws out inspired covers like the rollicking "My Babe" and the potent "The Things I Used To Do" alongside choice originals such as the hit "Tuff Enough" and "I Believe I'm In Love." Wilson's baritone vocals always hit the mark and guitarist "Kid" Ramos stands tall with stellar leads that evoke memories of his predecessors Jimmie Vaughan and Duke Robillard, while managing to retain an original character and identity.
The Reverend's Bottom Line
Live is an infectious collection of songs, a 90mph romp across the blooze-rock landscape that will leave the listener breathless and thirsting for more. The Fabulous Thunderbirds have long been a favorite on the performance circuit, their reputation built on muscular, dynamic live sets and bandleader Wilson's soulful selection of material. Live lives up to, and furthers the T-Birds' reputation as one of the best bands you'll ever see perform onstage.

Editorial Reviews
Nobody plays rockin' blues with more heads-down authority than the current edition of the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Still led by singer-harmonica ace Kim Wilson, whose prowess on the instrument marks him as one of its all-time greats, the band surges through this February 2000 concert at full throttle. Which means the rhythm section keeps a flat-four chug percolating, pianist-organist Gene Taylor makes like Johnny Johnson on steroids, and Kid Ramos dishes out rhythm 'n' leads with reverb-drenched efficiency, while Wilson keeps his pushy baritone thundering above it all.
Ramos dives into the old T-Birds hit "Tuff Enuff" with a solo that punctuates steely riffing with funky chords. Wilson--although unremittingly powerful--sounds best on the slower numbers like Guitar Slim's "The Things That I Used to Do" (another Ramos showpiece) and Jerry McCain's "Tough Enough." The slower tempos allow him to wrap his voice around the lyrics, stretching syllables the same way his singing harp elongates and elaborates notes. The only gripe is that this concert's tight arrangements don't give Wilson enough time to solo. As his guest performances on Ronnie Earl's new Ronnie Earl and Friends (Telarc) displays, the more Wilson stretches, the more inventive and melodic his playing becomes. And Wilson's solo return to the studio is overdue. --Ted Drozdowski

Классический блюз-рок, ритм-н-блюз, рок-н-ролл. При полном арсенале, с дудками.
Звук чистый и яркий, хорошо записанный.

Микс: концертный. Вокал в центре. В тылах эхо от фронтов. Публика везде.
4 балла.
Программа дополнена интервью с вокалистом (лысым качком), и "живым" клипом с того самого концерта в ЛА.

Прикрепленные изображения
FT - back

Купи диск с музыкой в 5.1 здесь: +
- Из всех искусств для нас важнейшим является мультиканал!
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