Оцененные диски
Helloween "High Live"
Nightwish "End Of An Era"
Gamma Ray "Heading For The East"
Def Leppard "Historia / In the Round, In Your Face"
Grave Digger "Tunes of Wacken / Live"
Dream Theater "Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York"
Dio "Holy Diver Live"
Kreator "Live Kreation Revisioned Glory"
Running Wild "Live / 2002"
Metallica "Live Shit: Binge & Purge"
MEGADETH "Rude Awakening"
Kamelot "One Cold Winter's Night" DVD
Helloween "Keeper of the Seven Keys: Legacy World Tour"
Эпидемия "Хроники Сумерек - Эльфийская Рукопись"
Scorpions "A Savage Crazy World"
Scorpions "Moment of Glory"
Ария "Сделано В России"
Iron Maiden "Death On The Road"
Ария "Живой Огонь"
Ария "Пляска ада"
Megadeth "Warchest"
Axel Rudi Pell "Live Over Europe"
Axel Rudi Pell "Knight Treasures"
Dio "We Rock"
Grave Digger "25 to LIVE"
Judas Priest "Live Vengeance '82"
Judas Priest "Live In London"
Judas Priest "Rising in the East"
Judas Priest "Electric Eye"
Children Of Bodom "Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm KnockOut Live"
DIO "Evil Or Divine"
Iron Maiden "Live After Death"
Metallica "S&M"
Эпидемия "Хроники Сумерек - 10 Лет Пути"
Iron Maiden "Rock in Rio"
Death "Live in L.A. (Death and Raw)"
Death "Live In Eindhoven 98"
Warlock "Live In London 1985"
Кипелов "Москва 2005"
Gamma Ray "Lust For Live!"
Кипелов "Путь Наверх"
Hammerfall "Hearts On Fire" Bonus DVD
Hammerfall "One Crimson Night"
Dimmu Borgir "World Misanthropy"
Gamma Ray "Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome"
Black Sabbath "The last supper"
Кипелов "V лет"
Ozzy Osbourne "Under Cover"
Blind Guardian "Imaginations Through The Looking Glass"
Мастер "XX лет"
Dream Theater "Dark Side Of The Moon" (Official Bootleg)
Therion "Live Gothic"
Kreator "At The Pulse of Kapitulation: Live In East Berlin" (DVD+CD)
ZZ Top "Live From Texas"
Helloween "The Hellish Videos: Complete Video Collection"
Manowar "Fire And Blood"
Within Temptation "The Silent Force Tour" DVD
Tiamat "The Church Of Tiamat"
Tribuzy "Execution Live Reunion"
Shaaman (ex-Shaman) "RituAlive"
Tarot "Undead Indeed"
Overkill "Wrecking Everything"
Within Temptation "Black Symphony"
Sonata Arctica "For The Sake Of Revenge"
Opeth "Lamentations: Live At Shepherd's Bush 2003"
Arcturus "Shipwrecked In Oslo"
Accept "Metal Blast from the Past"
Rage "Fool Moon In St. Petersburg"
Iron Maiden "Raising Hell"
Arch Enemy "Live Apocalypse"
Sentenced "Buried Alive"
Nightwish "From Wishes to Eternity"
Аркона "Ночь Велесова"
In Extremo "Raue Spree"
Queensryche "Live Evolution"
Foo Fighters "Skin And Bones"
Saxon "The Saxon Chronicles"
Fair Warning "The Call Of The East - Live in Japan"
Bruce Dickinson "Anthology"
Gotthard "More Than Life"
Rage "Video Link"
Rage "Metal Meets Classic Live"
Cradle of Filth "Heavy, Left-Handed and Candid"
Cradle Of Filth "Peace Through Superior Firepower"
Paradise Lost "The Anatomy Of Melancholy"
Umbra et Imago "Imago Picta"
Alice Cooper "Trashes the World"
Hate Eternal "The Perilous Fight"
Various Artists "Pagan Fire"
My Dying Bride "For Darkest Eyes"
Pain "Live Is Overrated"
Ayreon "Timeline"
Lordi "Market Square Massacre"
Kataklysm "Live In Deutschlannd - The Devastation Begins"
Vader "And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw"
Diamond Head "To The Devil His Due"
Queensryche "Mindcrime in Moore"
Edguy "Superheroes"
The Mission "The Final Chapter"
Edguy "Fucking With F***"
Пилигрим "Концерт Под Дождём"
Halford "Resurrection World Tour Live at Rock in Rio III"
Therion "The Miskolc Experience"
Dream Theater "Chaos In Motion"
Godsmack "Changes"
Therion "Celebrators Of Becoming"
Iron Maiden "Flight 666 - The Film"
Unearth "Alive From the Apocalypse"
Megadeth "That One Night"
As I Lay Dying "This Is Who We Are"
Suidakra "13 Years Of Celtic Wartunes"
Bloodbath "The Wacken Carnage"
Various "Gigantour 2: Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell Lies"
Various "Gigantour"
Queensryche "Operation Livecrime"
Anathema "A Moment In Time"
Iced Earth "Alive in Athens"
Queensryche "The Art of Live"
Xystus "Equilibrio: A Rock Opera"
Leaves' Eyes "We Came with the Northern Winds / En Saga I Belgia"
Moonspell "Lusitanian Metal"
Various "Metalmania 2007"
Alice Cooper "Brutally Live"
Nightwish "End Of Innocence"
Tristania "Widow's Tour"
Mastodon "The Workhorse Chronicles: The Early Years 2000-2005"
Mudvayne "All Access To All Things"
Mudvayne "L(ive) D(osage) 50 - Live In Peoria"
Evergrey"A Night To Remember"
Fields Of The Nephilim "Revelations.Forever Remain.Visionary Heads"
Alkonost "У Стен Арконы"
Metalium "Metalian Attack: Part Two"
Six Feet Under "Maximum Video"
Good Charlotte "Live at Brixton Academy"
Saxon "To hell and back again"
Iron Maiden "Visions Of The Beast: The Complete Video History"
U.D.O. "Mastercutor Alive"
U.D.O. "Nailed To Metal - Complete History"
Aerosmith "You Gotta Move"
Anthrax "Music Of Mass Destruction"
Э.С.Т. (E.S.T.) "Летопись"
Disturbed "Ten Thousand Fists"
Blind Guardian "Wacken 2007"
Slayer "Still Reigning"
Blaze Bayley "Alive in Poland"
Anathema "Were You There?"
In Flames "Used & Abused - In Live We Trust"
Vision Divine "Stage Of Consciousness"
Zyklon "Storm Detonation Live"
Rotting Christ "Non Serviam - A 20 Year Apocryphal Story"
Testament "Seen Between The Lines"
The 69 Eyes "Helsinki Vampires"
Testament "Live In London"
Korpiklaani "Tervaskanto"
Ozzy Osbourne "Live At Budokan"
AC/DC "Live At Donington"
Waltari "Rare Species Alive"
Sodom "Lords of Depravity - Pt. I"
Arch Enemy "Tyrants of the Rising Sun: Live in Japan"
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "Tobsucht"
Dream Theater "Images and Words Live In Tokyo / 5 Years In A LIVEtime"
Confessor "Live in Norway"
Various Artists "Monsters Of Metal"
Various "Monsters Of Metal Vol. 5"
Ring Of Fire "Burning Live in Tokyo"
Grave Digger "Live At The Rock Machina Festival"
Vader "Night Of The Apocalypse"
Nuclear Assault "Radiation Sickness"
Turisas "A Finnish Summer With Turisas"
Samael "The Black Trip"
In Extremo "Am Goldenen Rhein"
Artillery "One Foot in the Grave, The Other One in the Trash"
Various Artists "The Realm of Napalm Records"
Sepultura "Live In Sao Paulo"
Epica "2 Meter sessies: We Will Take You With Us"
Rhapsody Of Fire "Visions From The Enchanted Lands"
Dimmu Borgir "The Invaluable Darkness"
Machine Head "Elegies"
Dream Theater "When Dream and Day Reunite"
Stratovarius "Infinite Visions"
Schandmaul "Sinnfonie"
Agent Steel "Live at Dynamo Open Air"
Brainstorm "Honey from the B's (Beasting Around the Bush)"
Paul Di'Anno "The Beast in the East"
Diary Of Dreams "Nine In Numbers"
Crematory "Liverevolution"
Loudness "Thanks 25th Anniversary: Loudness Live at International Forum"
Napalm Death "The DVD"
Overkill "Live At Wacken Open Air 2007"
Amon Amarth "Live At Summer Breeze festival 2007"
Pink Cream 69 "Past And Present"
Angra "Rebirth World Tour - Live in Sao Paolo"
Obituary "Frozen Alive"
W.A.S.P. "The Sting" - Live in the Key Club L.A."
Dark Tranquillity "Where Death Is Most Alive"
Primal Fear "The History Of Fear"
Catamenia "Bringing The Cold To Poland"
Crowbar "Live With Full Force"
Solitude Aeturnus "Hour Of Despair"
Lacuna Coil "Visual Karma (Body, Mind and Soul)"
Grave "Enraptured"
Artrosis "Among Flowers & Shadows - Live in Krakow"
Paradise Lost "Evolve"
Subway to Sally "Nackt"
Type O Negative "Symphony For The Devil"
Salem "Live Demise"
Krisiun "Live Armageddon"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Once In A Deathtime"
Manowar "Hell On Earth Part V"
Three Days Grace "Live at the Palace"
John Fogerty "Comin' Down the Road: The Concert at Royal Albert Hall"
Shaman "Anime Live"
Lamb Of God "Walk With Me In Hell"
Motley Crue and others "Crue Fest 1"
Firewind "Live Premonition"
Dismember "Live Blasphemies"
Battlelore "The Journey"
V/A "Rock Pop Festival - Live in Dortmund, Germany 1983"
Metallica "Orgullo, Pasion Y Gloria - Tres Noches En La Ciudad De Mexico"
Xandria "Now & Forever"
EdenBridge "A Live Time In Eden"
Running Wild "Death Or Glory Tour"
Chthonic "A Decade On The Throne"
Laaz Rockit "Live Untold"
Metallica "Franсais Pour Une Nuit"
Narnia "At Short Notice… - Live In Germany"
Jorn "Live In America"
Various Artists "Wacken Open Air"
Ossian "Letunk a bizonyitek"
In Extremo "Sangerkrieg Bonus DVD"
Powerwolf "The Wacken Worship - Live At Wacken"
Dream Theater "Santiago, Chile 12/6/05"
Avalanch "Lagrimas Negras"
Soulfly "Conquer"
The Black Dahlia Murder "Majesty"
Misanthrope "IrremeDIABLE"
Melancholy "10 Years of Madness"
Venom "Black Metal (Bonus DVD)"
Venom "Live in London 1985"
Volbeat "Live: Sold Out"
Tierra Santa "Las Mil y una Noches"
Guano Apes "Planet Of The Apes"
Mago de Oz "Barakaldo D.F."
Mago De Oz "Madrid – Las Ventas"
Rata Blanca "En Vivo Estadio Obras"
Annihilator "Ten Years in Hell"
Annihilator "Live At Masters Of Rock"
Alien Ant Farm "Busted"
Nevermore "The Year Of The Voyager"
Circle of Pain "Classic live Tunes"
Moonspell "Memorial"
Parkway Drive "The DVD"
Enslaved "Live Retaliation"
Underoath "777"
Lacrimosa "The Live History"
Marty Friedman "Exhibit B - Live In Japan"
Voivod "D-V-O-D-1"
Megadeth "Arsenal of Megadeth"
Deicide "Doomsday in L.A"
Carcass "Wake Up And Smell The... CARCASS"
Ancient Rites "And the Hordes Stood as One"
Delight "The Last Tale Of Eternity"
Wintersun "Live @ Summerbreeze 2005"
Marilyn Manson "Guns, God and Government World Tour"
Various Artists "Feuertanz Festival 2006"
Skinny Puppy "The Greater Wrong Of The Right"
Carpathian Forest "We're Going To Hollywood For This"
Deform "Darktator: Откровения"
Various Artists "Family Values '98"
Oomph! "Rohstoff"
Skinny Puppy "Video Collection (1984-1992)"
V/A "M'Era Luna 2005"
Christian Death "Live"
The Cramps "Live at Napa State Mental Hospital"
V/A "M'Era Luna 2006"
V/A "M'Era Luna 2007"
Coil "Live in Moscow"
Deine Lakaien "Live in Concert"
Hocico "A Traves de Mundos Que Arden"
Cult Of Luna "Fire Was Born"
Deine Lakaien "The Concert That Never Happened Before"
Unheilig "Goldene Zeiten"
V/A "M'Era Luna 2008"
V/A "M'Era Luna 2009"
Various Artists "13. Wave Gotik Treffen"
Unheilig "Puppenspiel Live - Vorhang Auf!"
Gorgoroth "Black Mass, Krakow 2004"
Skinny Puppy "Ain't It Dead Yet?"
The Cure "Greatest Hits"
Pantera "3 Vulgar Videos From Hell"
Korn "MTV Unplugged"
Korn "Live at Hammerstein, N.Y.C"
V/A "Family Values Tour 2006"
Thy Disease "Extreme Obsession Live"
Cannibal Corpse "Centuries of Torment: The First 20 Years"
Rapalje "Rapalje"
Rage "Strings To A Web"
Blutengel "Moments of our Lives"
Tankard "Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live"
Dark Funeral "Angelus Exuro pro Eternus"
AleStorm "Black Sails At Midnight"
Strapping Young Lad "For Those Aboot To Rock – Live At The Commodore"
Atari Teenage Riot & Alec Empire "Sixteen Years Of Video Material"
Paradise Lost "Live Death"
Primordial "All Empires Fall"
Various Artists "Feuertanz Festival 2009"
Various Artists "Feuertanz Festival 2008"
Various Artists "Feuertanz Festival 2005"
Various Artists "Feuertanz Festival 2007"
Destruction "A Savage Symphony - The History Of Annihilation"
Six Feet Under "Live With Full Force"
Various Artists "Out Of Line - Electro Festival Vol. 1"
Various Artists "Out Of Line - Electro Festival Vol. 2"
Various Artists "Metal By Metal"
Qntal "Live"
Аркона "Жизнь во Славу"
Gojira "The Link Alive"
Samael "Reign Of Light" (Bonus DVD)
In Extremo "Live 2002"
Laibach "A Film From Slovenia Occuppied Europe Nato Tour 1994-95"
Deathstars "Night Electric Night"
Blutengel "Live Lines"
Deine Lakaien "20 Years of Electronic Avantgarde"
Various Artists "Medieval - Mittelalterfest 2004"
Godsmack "Evening with Godsmack (Las Vegas at House of Blues)"
Judas Priest "British Steel Live - 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition"
Korn "live at CBGB"
Heaven Shall Burn "Invictus (Iconoclast III)"
Tyr "Land (Live At Wacken 2007)"
Various Artists "New England Metal and Hardcore Festival - 2003"
Dismember "Under Blood Red Skies"
Funeral For A Friend "Spilling Blood In 8mm"
DIO "Sacred Heart - The DVD"
DIO "At Tokyo Super Rock Festival"
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows "The Goat... And Other Re-Animated Bodies"
Das Ich "Lava: Addendum"
Das Ich "Panopticum"
Nuclear Assault "Louder Harder Faster"
Omnia "Pagan Folk Lore"
Avulsed "Reanimating Russia - Live at the Ikra club"
Death Angel "Sonic German Beatdown - Live in Germany"
Die Toten Hosen "Machmalauter (Die volle Dröhnung)"
Macabre "True Tales of Slaughter and Slaying"
Various Artists "Earcrusher"
Dornenreich "Nachtreisen"
Hammerfall "Rebels With A Cause (Unruly,Unrestrained,Uninhibited)"
The Exploited "Beat 'Em All"
Moonlight "Awaken Memories"
Cathedral "Our God Has Landed"
Sodom "Lords of Depravity - Pt. II"
Clan Of Xymox "Visible"
Soulfly "Omen"
Iggy Pop "Live San Fran 1981"
Iggy Pop "Kiss My Blood (Live In Paris)"
Iggy Pop "Live At The Avenue B"
Metal Church "Dynamo Classic Concerts 1991"
Panzer "En Directo - De Infierno A Infinito"
Pitchshifter "PSI Entology"
Various Artists "Goth Box: The Video Companion"
Amorphis "Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes"
Avenged Sevenfold "Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough"
Iron Maiden "En Vivo!"
Royal Hunt "Future's Coming from the Past"
Disturbed "Indestructible in Germany"
Disturbed "Meaning of Life"
Meshuggah "Alive" DVD
Opeth "In Live Concert at The Royal Albert Hall"
Hypocrisy "Hell Over Sofia - 20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion"
Orphaned Land "The Road to OR Shalem"
JORN "Live In Black"
Gamma Ray "Skeletons & Majesties Live"
Twisted Sister "Live At Wacken - The Reunion"
Twisted Sister "Double Live: North Stage '82 / New York Steel '01"
Kreator "Phantom Antichrist" (Live at Wacken Open Air 2008/2011)
God Seed "Live at Wacken"
AC/DC "No Bull: The Director's Cut - Madrid 1996"
Jeff Scott Soto "One Night in Madrid"
Hibria "Blinded by Tokyo - Live in Japan" DVD
Arakain "XXV Eden" DVD
Gotthard "Made in Switzerland"
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