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Smokie "Take A Minute / Live In South Africa"
Pink Floyd "PULSE"
Steven Wilson "Get All You Deserve"
Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Pictures at an Exhibition"
Porcupine Tree "Anesthetise"
Sade "Bring Me Home/ Live 2011"
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Rock Milestones "Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here"
Queen "A Night at the Opera"
Nightwish "From Wishes to Eternity"
Duran Duran "Arena (An Absurd Notion)"
Uriah Heep "The Hensley Years 1970-1980"
Judas Priest "Rising in the East"
HDScape "HD Window - The Great Southwest"
Пикник "Юбилейные концерты XXV"
Therion "Celebrators Of Becoming"
Alice Cooper "Brutally Live"
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