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Показать диски за День Неделю Месяц Год Все время | Язык: ru en
Updated: 22-10-2018, 09:16:33
NoДискПримечаниеГодРейтингСуммарный баллСредний баллГолосовПопулярность
1Paul Mauriat "Best Of Best"CD-419768.72201028.58
2Blood Sweat & Tears "New City"QUAD19758.71101011.23
3Tomita "Pictures At An Exibition"Q4, Q8, CD-419758.59889.7892.75
4Pink Floyd "The Dark Side Of The Moon"Master tapes19748.554399.344711.3
5Rick Wakeman "The Six Wives of Henry VIII"Q8, CD-4, SQ19738.15289.3332.29
6Pink Floyd "The Dark Side Of The Moon"Q8, SQ19748.332339.32254.44
7Pink Floyd "Animals"Q8, SQ19778.08379.2545.38
8ZZ Top "Tres Hombres"Q4, Q819737.92999112.9
9Henry Mancini "Return of the Pink Panther" SoundtrackQ4, Q8, CD-419757.8627931.38
10The Carmets "Moog Electric Sounds"CD-419737.8518922.27
11Jethro Tull "War Child"Q8, CD-4, DQR19747.849912.03
12Passport "Hand Made"CD-419737.849912
13Eagles "On The Border"CD-4, Q819747.56268.6736.42
14Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here"Q8, SQ19767.873638.644212.11
15Carlos Santana "Santana III"Q819727.41178.522.32
16Eagles, The "One Of These Nights"Q8, CD-419757.39598.4371.31
17Doobie Brothers, The "The Captain And Me"Q4, Q8, CD-419737.35428.451.07
18Deodato "Prelude"Q4, Q8, SQ19727.35428.453.25
19Alice Cooper "Muscle Of Love"Q4, Q8, CD-419737.32758.33910.66
20Grand Funk "Shinin' On"Q819747.27258.3333.52
21Rick Wakeman "The Myths and Legends of King Arthur..."Q8, CD-419757.21338.2541.86
22Doobie Brothers, The "What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits"Q4, Q8, CD-41975740851.56
23Pink Floyd "Atom Heart Mother"Q8, CD-4r />6.9932842.86
24Brecker Brothers "Back To Back"Q8, CD-419756.9824832.22
25Deodato "2"Q4, Q8, CD-4, SQ19736.9824831.42
26Blood Sweat & Tears "Greatest Hits"Q8, SQ19726.9816821.46
27Jefferson Starship "Spitfire"Q8, QR, CD-419766.978812.06
28Jefferson Starship "Dragon Fly"Q819746.978812.15
29Isao Tomita "Firebird"Q4, Q8, CD-419756.978812.03
30Santana "Santana"SQ19696.978812.05
31Black Sabbath "Paranoid"Q4, Q8, CD-4197471117.93142.94
32Earth, Wind & Fire "Spirit"Q8, SQ19766.82397.851.94
33Return to Forever "Musicmagic"Q8, SQ19776.76547.7174.03
34Santana "Santana"Q8, SQ19696.69237.6731.9
35Focus "Moving Waves"Q819716.69617.6382.52
36Joe Walsh "The smoker you drink. The player you get"Q8, QS19736.64537.5773.64
37Bread "The Best"Q4, Q8, CD-419736.55307.541.99
38Santana WelcomeQ819746.54157.522.1
39Simon & Garfunkel "Bridge Over Troubled Water"Q8, SQ19726.51527.4371.37
40Jethro Tull "Aqualung"Q4, Q8, CD-419736.251137.06162.6
41Elvis Presley "Graceland / Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis"Q8, CD-419746.1228741.47
42Aretha Franklin "The Best Of"Q4, Q8, CD-419736.1121731.59
43Rick Wakeman "Journey to the Centre of Earth"Q8, CD-419746.1121732.1
44Santana "Festival"SQ19766.17712.17
45Santana "Borboletta"Q819746.17712.47
46The Four Tops "Main Street People"Q8, SQ19736.17717.6
47Harry Nilsson "Nilsson Schmilsson"Q4, Q8, CD-419716.01486.8672.3
48Deep Purple "Stormbringer"Q4, Q8, CD-419745.91876.69132.46
49Billy Joel "Piano Man"Q8, SQ19735.67136.521.56
50Jeff Beck "Wired"Q8, SQ19765.67136.526.96
51Chicago "VI"Reel, LP, Q819735.67136.527.16
52Justin Hayward & John Lodge "Blue Jays"QR, Q819755.67136.521.92
53John Lennon "Walls and Bridges"Q819745.55386.3362
54Chicago "VII"Q819745.236617.1
55Kraftwerk "Autobahn"Q819745.2655.91114.81
56Doors "The Best of Doors"Q4, Q8, CD-419734.82335.561.96
57"HAIR: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical"Q4, Q8, CD-4Q8))4.66165.3333.9
58The Stylistics "You Are Beautiful"СD-419754.36105224.62
59Bob Dylan "Desire"SQ19764.355511.5
60Jefferson Starship "Red Octopus"CD-4, Q8, QR19754.355512.06
61Omega "Omega III"SQ19744.355516.6
62Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends - Ladies And Gentlemen, Emerson, Lake & Palmer"Q819744.3555110.15
63Eagles "Desperado"SQ19734.355517.09
64Steve Miller Band "The Joker"Q819744.355515.26
65Chicago "Chicago X"SQ19764.355514.85
66Ringo Starr "Goodnight Vienna"Q819744.355516.31
67Fireballet "Night On Bald Mountain"QS19754.355514.12
68The Four Tops "Meeting Of The Minds"Q819744.355517.06
69Isaac Hayes "Joy"Q8, SQ19734.355517.95
70Gloria Gaynor "Experience"QS19753.9294.523.59
71Azteca "Azteca"SQ, Q819723.484416.46
72Billy Joel "Turnstiles"SQ19763.484419.16
73Cat Stevens "Foreigner"Q819733.484416.29
74Santana "Аmigos"SQ19763.484412.86
75The Modern Jazz Quartet "Blues On Bach"Q8, CD-419743.484417.86
76Mike Oldfield "Hergest Ridge"QUAD19763.32193.852.78
77Jefferson Airplane "The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane"Reel19702.6133123.07
78Mike Oldfield "Collaborations"SQ19762.613319.97
79Marvin, Welch & Farrar "Second Opinion"SQ19712.613311.27