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Updated: 19-08-2018, 02:33:17
NoДискПримечаниеГодРейтингСуммарный баллСредний баллГолосовПопулярность
1Paul Mauriat "Best Of Best"CD-419768.72201028.67
2Blood Sweat & Tears "New City"QUAD19758.71101011.23
3Tomita "Pictures At An Exibition"Q4, Q8, CD-419758.59889.7892.78
4Pink Floyd "The Dark Side Of The Moon"Master tapes19748.524299.334611.29
5Pink Floyd "The Dark Side Of The Moon"Q8, SQ19748.332339.32254.47
6Rick Wakeman "The Six Wives of Henry VIII"Q8, CD-4, SQ19738.15289.3332.31
7Pink Floyd "Animals"Q8, SQ19778.08379.2545.33
8Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here"Q8, SQ19767.873638.644211.63
9Henry Mancini "Return of the Pink Panther" SoundtrackQ4, Q8, CD-419757.8627931.39
10The Carmets "Moog Electric Sounds"CD-419737.8518922.3
11Jethro Tull "War Child"Q8, CD-4, DQR19747.849912.06
12Passport "Hand Made"CD-419737.849912.03
13ZZ Top "Tres Hombres"Q4, Q819737.83898.9102.93
14Eagles "On The Border"CD-4, Q819747.56268.6736.41
15Carlos Santana "Santana III"Q819727.41178.522.36
16Eagles, The "One Of These Nights"Q8, CD-419757.39598.4371.32
17Doobie Brothers, The "The Captain And Me"Q4, Q8, CD-419737.35428.451.08
18Alice Cooper "Muscle Of Love"Q4, Q8, CD-419737.32758.33910.66
19Rick Wakeman "The Myths and Legends of King Arthur..."Q8, CD-419757.21338.2541.88
20Doobie Brothers, The "What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits"Q4, Q8, CD-41975740851.56
21Deodato "Prelude"Q4, Q8, SQ19726.9932843.29
22Pink Floyd "Atom Heart Mother"Q8, CD-4r />6.9932842.89
23Brecker Brothers "Back To Back"Q8, CD-419756.9824832.23
24Deodato "2"Q4, Q8, CD-4, SQ19736.9824831.43
25Grand Funk "Shinin' On"Q819746.9816823.42
26Blood Sweat & Tears "Greatest Hits"Q8, SQ19726.9816821.47
27Jefferson Starship "Dragon Fly"Q819746.978812.17
28Santana "Santana"SQ19696.978812.09
29Isao Tomita "Firebird"Q4, Q8, CD-419756.978812.05
30Jefferson Starship "Spitfire"Q8, QR, CD-419766.978812.09
31Black Sabbath "Paranoid"Q4, Q8, CD-419746.921027.85132.96
32Earth, Wind & Fire "Spirit"Q8, SQ19766.82397.851.96
33Focus "Moving Waves"Q819716.69617.6382.55
34Santana "Santana"Q8, SQ19696.69237.6731.91
35Joe Walsh "The smoker you drink. The player you get"Q8, QS19736.64537.5773.59
36Return to Forever "Musicmagic"Q8, SQ19776.57457.563.99
37Bread "The Best"Q4, Q8, CD-419736.55307.541.93
38Santana WelcomeQ819746.54157.522.14
39Simon & Garfunkel "Bridge Over Troubled Water"Q8, SQ19726.51527.4371.38
40Jethro Tull "Aqualung"Q4, Q8, CD-419736.251137.06162.62
41Elvis Presley "Graceland / Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis"Q8, CD-419746.1228741.48
42Aretha Franklin "The Best Of"Q4, Q8, CD-419736.1121731.59
43Rick Wakeman "Journey to the Centre of Earth"Q8, CD-419746.1121732.12
44Santana "Borboletta"Q819746.17712.51
45The Four Tops "Main Street People"Q8, SQ19736.17717.66
46Santana "Festival"SQ19766.17712.22
47Harry Nilsson "Nilsson Schmilsson"Q4, Q8, CD-419716.01486.8672.33
48Deep Purple "Stormbringer"Q4, Q8, CD-419745.91876.69132.48
49Justin Hayward & John Lodge "Blue Jays"QR, Q819755.67136.521.95
50Billy Joel "Piano Man"Q8, SQ19735.67136.521.57
51Chicago "VI"Reel, LP, Q819735.67136.527.2
52John Lennon "Walls and Bridges"Q819745.55386.3362.02
53Chicago "VII"Q819745.236617.14
54Kraftwerk "Autobahn"Q819745.2655.91114.72
55Doors "The Best of Doors"Q4, Q8, CD-419734.82335.561.86
56"HAIR: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical"Q4, Q8, CD-4Q8))4.66165.3333.85
57The Stylistics "You Are Beautiful"СD-419754.36105225.7
58Jeff Beck "Wired"Q8, SQ19764.355516.99
59Eagles "Desperado"SQ19734.355517.14
60Fireballet "Night On Bald Mountain"QS19754.355514.24
61Bob Dylan "Desire"SQ19764.355511.5
62Chicago "Chicago X"SQ19764.355515.03
63Steve Miller Band "The Joker"Q819744.355515.47
64Jefferson Starship "Red Octopus"CD-4, Q8, QR19754.355512.09
65Isaac Hayes "Joy"Q8, SQ19734.355518.04
66The Four Tops "Meeting Of The Minds"Q819744.355517.11
67Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends - Ladies And Gentlemen, Emerson, Lake & Palmer"Q819744.3555110.3
68Omega "Omega III"SQ19744.355516.62
69Ringo Starr "Goodnight Vienna"Q819744.355516.32
70Gloria Gaynor "Experience"QS19753.9294.523.68
71Santana "Аmigos"SQ19763.484412.93
72Azteca "Azteca"SQ, Q819723.484416.46
73The Modern Jazz Quartet "Blues On Bach"Q8, CD-419743.484417.93
74Billy Joel "Turnstiles"SQ19763.484419.3
75Cat Stevens "Foreigner"Q819733.484416.29
76Mike Oldfield "Hergest Ridge"QUAD19763.32193.852.73
77Mike Oldfield "Collaborations"SQ19762.6133110.15
78Marvin, Welch & Farrar "Second Opinion"SQ19712.613311.28
79Jefferson Airplane "The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane"Reel19702.6133124.06