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Updated: 28-05-2018, 06:33:07
NoДискПримечаниеГодРейтингСуммарный баллСредний баллГолосовПопулярность
1Steve Hackett "Please Don't Touch!"DVD20168.722010210.81
2Jethro Tull "Too Old to Rock N Roll: Too Young to Die!" (5.1)DVD20158.722010214.82
3Steve Hackett "Spectral Mornings"DVD20168.71101018.47
4David Gilmour "Rattle That Lock"DVD, Blu-ray20158.71101017.79
5Gentle Giant "Octopus"Blu-ray, DVD20158.71101018.91
6Jethro Tull "Minstrel In The Gallery (40th Anniversary: La Grande Edition)"DVD20158.711010115.29
7Roger Waters "Amused To Death"Blu-ray, SACD20158.08379.2549.33
8Jethro Tull "Stand Up (The Elevated Edition)"DVD20167.85189211.08
9Jethro Tull "Live At The Palais Des Sports, Paris 5th July 1975"DVD20157.85189217.84
10Jethro Tull "Too Old to Rock N Roll: Too Young to Die!" (4.0)DVD20157.8499113.6
11Simple Minds "Sparkle In The Rain"Blu-ray, DVD20147.849915.49
12Bob Marley & The Wailers "Legend" (30th Anniversary Edition)Blu-ray20147.849915.65
13Alice Cooper "Muscle Of Love"SACD20157.56268.6736.44
14Iced Earth "Plagues Of Babylon"DVD20147.41178.5214.69
15Andy Jackson "73 Days At Sea"DVD20166.978817.22
16Blue Öyster Cult "Secret Treaties"SACD6[B]6.978815.03
17Matthew Lien "Arctic Refuge"SACD20046.54157.5214.74
18Mike Oldfield "Incantations"DVD20115.2366113.49
19The Dale Spalding Band "Downtown"DVD-Audio20034.36105215.03
20Marvin Gaye "Let's Get It On"Blu-Ray20153.484414.15
21Steve Hackett "Wolflight"Blu-ray20153.484415.49
22Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds "Kicking Against The Pricks"DVD20092.613316.38