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Показать диски за День Неделю Месяц Год Все время | Язык: ru en
Updated: 20-01-2020, 01:35:57
NoДискПримечаниеГодРейтингСуммарный баллСредний баллГолосовПопулярность
1AMBRA "Prism of Life"DVD+CD 200620068.810010104.22
2Eagles "Farewell Tour I"Live From Melbourne20058.771399.93142.34
3Bullet For My Valentine "The Poison - Live At Brixton"20068.76601061.18
4Пилот "10 лет – Полет Нормальный"20088.75501050.81
5ДДТ "Мир Номер Ноль"DVD)8.74401040.8
6Tiesto "In Concert"20038.74401041.15
7Разные исполнители "Концерт солдатской песни 'Виктория'"20078.74401042.56
8Iron Maiden "Rock in Rio"20028.74401041.15
9Steven Wilson "Get All You Deserve"Blu-ray20128.74401041.41
10Наив "Alter Ego"Moscow/ Клуб "Тень"/ Март 200720078.74401041.1
11Гражданская Оборона "Концерт в «Б1». Зачем снятся сны"DVD20078.74401041.68
12Michael Jackson "This Is It"Blu-ray20098.74401041.13
13Lacrimosa "Lichtjahre"Gothic Metal20078.73301031.19
14Nickelback "Live at Home"20028.73301031.13
15AC/DC "Family Jewels"DVD20058.73301031.31
16Megadeth "Warchest"Live in London 30.09.9220078.73301031.01
17Therion "The Miskolc Experience"[feat Orchestra]20098.73301033.02
18Verdi / Rizzi / Netrebko "La Traviata"20068.73301032.05
19Jeff Wayne "Musical Version of The War of the Worlds""Live on Stage" 200620068.731099.91113.39
20Edguy "Fucking With F***"20098.72201020.9
21Mago De Oz "Madrid – Las Ventas"20058.72201020.86
22ДДТ "Рожденный в СССР"20048.72201020.73
23Steve Hackett "Once Above a Time"20048.72201021.03
24Manowar "Fire And Blood"(Hell On Earth Part II, Blood In Brazil)20028.72201021.01
25Nino Ferrer (DVD+12CD Box)20048.72201021.07
26Various Artists "Mega Hits: 80’s The No.1 History"DVD20048.72201021.24
27Slipknot "Disasterpieces"лучший DVD группы20028.72201020.75
28Alice in Chains "MTV Unplugged"19968.72201021.01
29Godsmack "Changes"20048.72201020.82
30SUPERSISTER "Sweet OK Supersister" (2006)2DVD20068.72201021.33
31Amon Amarth "Live At Summer Breeze festival 2007"(Twilight of the Thunder God. BONUS DVD)20088.72201020.81
32X Japan "The Last Live"20028.72201021.15
33Placebo "Soulmates Never Die: Live In Paris"20048.72201020.77
34Fall out boy "Live in Phoenix"20088.72201020.83
35АКВАРИУМ "30 Лет"Коллекционное DVD издание.20028.72201020.97
36John Lennon "Lennon Legend"Working Class Hero.The Definitive Lennon20038.72201020.94
37Cerrone "Dance Party - Live At Versailles"20058.72201021.55
38Golden Earring "Millbrook U.S.A."20038.72201021.09
39Gov't Mule "Deepest End"20038.72201021.3
40George Harrison "The Dark Horse Years 1976 - 1992"DVD20048.72201022.14
41Ondekoza "Live 95"20068.72201021.75
42The Cure "Greatest Hits"20018.72201021.08
43Michael Jackson "Live In Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour" DVD20058.72201021.15
44Sentenced "Buried Alive"прощальный концерт20068.72201020.83
45[Amatory] "Live Evil"ДС Юбилейный, г. С.-Петербург 2008г20088.72201021.05
46Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble "Live at the El Mocambo"19998.72201020.83
47Metallica "Live Shit: Binge & Purge"20028.72201021.47
48Various Artists "80's DVD Jukebox"DVD20038.72201021.49
49In Flames "Used & Abused - In Live We Trust"20058.72201020.78
50Lamp Of God "Killadelphia"20058.72201021.24
51Heaven & Hell "Neon Nights: 30 Years of Heaven & Hell - Live in Europe"(ex-BLACK SABBATH, DIO members)20108.72201021.04
52Quidam "The Fifth Season - Live In Concert"20068.72201020.65
53Lumen ''Буря''20078.72201020.81
54Mylene Farmer "Music Videos II & III"20008.72201021.17
55Savatage "Japan Live '94"(Bonus DVD)20108.71101010.99
56Supertramp "The Story So Far..."DVD20028.71101013.89
57Yes "35th Anniversary Concert - Songs From Tsongas"20058.71101010.85
58Strapping Young Lad "For Those Aboot To Rock – Live At The Commodore"20048.71101010.65
59Mozart / Mutter / Previn "Piano Trios"20078.71101011.1
60Nevermore "The Year Of The Voyager"20088.71101010.73
61Ultravox "Monument"DVD20098.71101011.4
62Venom "Live in London 1985"(Live at Hammersmith Odeon Theatre)20048.71101010.74
63DIO "Sacred Heart - The DVD"20048.71101010.91
64Pink Cream 69 "Past And Present"20098.71101010.72
65Various "Jazz On A Summer's Day"Newport Jazz Festival20008.71101010.65
66NEO "Broadcast"feat Arena, IQ, Shadowland, Palas, etc20078.71101010.55
67Pain Of Salvation "Ending Themes (On The Two Deaths Of Pain Of Salvation)"[limited edition]20098.71101010.67
68Talk Talk "Natural History: The Very Best Of Talk Talk"DVD20078.71101011.4
69Сплин "Мое сердце"Концертное видео20018.71101010.72
70Saga "Silhouette"DVD20038.71101011.07
71Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) "Out Of The Blue Tour - Live At Wembley"DVD19998.71101011.65
72Sepultura "Live In Sao Paulo"20058.71101010.71
73Judas Priest "British Steel Live - 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition"20108.71101010.9
74Paul McCartney "Good Evening New York City"20098.71101010.84
75Алиса "Звезда по имени 'Рок'"20078.71101010.85
76Green Day "International Supervideos"20018.71101010.73
77Testament "Live In London"[reunion concert]20058.71101010.6
78Die Toten Hosen "Machmalauter (Die volle Dröhnung)"(Live in Berlin Waldbühne & SO36)20098.71101010.81
79Iggy Pop "Live At The Avenue B"20058.71101010.77
80Billy Idol "In Super Overdrive"Blu-Ray20098.71101010.71
81Peter Frampton "Live In Detroit"20008.71101010.68
82Rush "R30"20058.71101011.1
83Sodom "Lords of Depravity - Pt. II"20108.71101011.08
84Three Days Grace "Live at the Palace"20088.71101010.84
85ASP "Von Zaubererbrüdern"20098.71101010.71
86Scissor Sisters "Hurrah! A Year of Ta-Dah"20078.71101010.73
87Gamma Ray "Skeletons & Majesties Live"(2 DVD)20128.71101011.15
88Chick Corea "The Ultimate Adventure Live In Barcelona"20038.71101010.81
89Orphaned Land "The Road to OR Shalem"20118.71101010.92
90Willie and the Poorboys 198520048.71101011.1
91Laibach "A Film From Slovenia Occuppied Europe Nato Tour 1994-95"(Re-issue)20048.71101010.79
92My Chemical Romance "The Black Parade Is Dead!"20088.71101011.31
93The Moody Blues "Classic Moody Blues: Universal Masters Collection"DVD20058.71101011.07
94Король и Шут "Мертвый анархист"20028.71101011
95In Extremo "Sangerkrieg Bonus DVD"20088.71101010.65
96Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "Friede Sei Mit Dir"20068.71101010.58
97Sum 41 "Sake Bombs And Happy Endings: Live in Tokyo"20038.71101010.98
98All Time Low "Straight To DVD"20108.71101010.72
99The Flower Kings "Meet The Flower Kings"20048.71101010.69
100V/A "Rock Pop Festival - Live in Dortmund, Germany 1983"[feat Scorpions, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, etc]20098.71101010.87
101Tea Leaf Green "Rock 'N' Roll Band"20068.71101010.64
102Sodom "Lords of Depravity - Pt. I"20058.71101011.06
103Amorphis "Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes"20108.71101011.1
104New Trolls "Concerto Grosso New - Trilogy Live"DVD20078.71101011.14
105Avril Lavigne "The Best Damn Tour"Live in Toronto20088.71101010.65
106Jean-Jacques Goldman "Un tour ensemble"20028.71101010.86
107Kasabian "Live from Brixton Academy"20058.71101010.81
108Motorhead "Stage Fright"20048.71101010.9
109Arakain "XXV Eden" DVD20078.71101012.05
110Camouflage "Live In Dresden"20098.71101010.77
111Arcturus "Shipwrecked In Oslo"20068.71101010.76
112Leonard Cohen "Live In London"20098.71101010.75
113Paradise Lost "The Anatomy Of Melancholy"20088.71101010.84
114A Rockumentary by Martin Di Bergi "This Is Spinal Tap"DVD20048.711010113.21
115NITS "Urk"DVD+2CD 1988 (2006)20068.71101011.12
116Rick Wakeman "The Classical Connection"19918.71101011.55
117Bonfire "One Acoustic Night"20058.71101010.77
118ДДТ "Два концерта"Видеоколлекция20048.71101010.88
119Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson "Thick As A Brick Live In Iceland"Blu-Ray20148.71101013.02
120Калинов Мост "Живая коллекция"DVD19978.71101010.8
121Алиса "Мы вместе ХХ лет"20058.71101010.73
122Elton John "Elton 60: Live at Madison Square Garden" DVD20078.71101010.95
123The Mission "The Final Chapter"Прощальный концерт20098.71101010.76
124Mannheim Steamroller "Fresh Aire 8"DVD20018.71101012.76
125Kreator "At The Pulse of Kapitulation: Live In East Berlin" (DVD+CD)20088.71101010.74
126ДДТ "От и До"Видеоколлекция20048.71101011.08
127Shaaman (ex-Shaman) "RituAlive"20048.71101010.7
128Saxon "The Saxon Chronicles"20038.71101010.84
129Public Enemy "Manchester UK Live"Концертное видео20038.71101010.7
130It Takes A Nation "The First London Invasion Tour"Концертное видео20058.71101010.69
131Ray Charles "In Concert"19998.71101010.64
132Pendragon "Past and Presence"20078.71101010.64
133Air "Le Voyage Dans La Lune"DVD20128.71101011.4
134Kreator "Phantom Antichrist" (Live at Wacken Open Air 2008/2011)(Bonus DVD)20128.71101011.11
135Nautilus Pompilius "Музыка под водой"20028.71101011.05
136Kanye West "Late Orchestration"20068.71101010.71
137Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark "Messages: Greatest Hits - 30th Anniversary Edition"DVD20088.71101011.26
138Proto-Kaw "The Wait of Glory"CD+DVD, special edition 200620068.71101011.41
139GOWAN "Live in Concert"1990 (2006)20068.71101011.22
140Deine Lakaien "20 Years of Electronic Avantgarde"20078.71101010.99
141In Extremo "Live 2002"20028.71101010.88
142Gamma Ray "Lust For Live!"20038.71101010.72
143Gamma Ray "Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome"20088.71101010.72
144Deep Purple "Deepest Purple: The Very Best Of Deep Purple"DVD20108.71101011.68
145Alizee "En Concert"20048.71101011.26
146Pink Floyd "The Wall"19998.685539.37597.15
147Blue Man Group "The Complex Rock Tour Live"20038.671189.83122.55
148Jeff Beck "Performing This Week... Live at Ronnie Scott's"20098.64699.8671.17
149Armin van Buuren "Armin Only: Imagine"Utrecht 19/04/2008 Live20088.64699.8671.3
150Moscow Music Peace Festival4 DVD BOX20088.64699.8671.11
151Roxy Music "Live at the Apollo"20028.61599.8361.7
152Jacques Loussier Trio “Play Bach” DVD20048.61599.8361.57
153Eric Clapton "Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010"DVD20108.61599.8362.59
154Эпидемия "Хроники Сумерек - Эльфийская Рукопись"20068.61599.8361.5
155Queen "Greatest Video Hits 2"20038.61659.71171.91
156Nirvana "Unplugged in New York"DVD20078.62319.63243.85
157Guano Apes "Don't Give Me Names"20008.57499.851.83
158Gotthard "Made in Switzerland"20068.57499.851.23
159blu::elements "Forsenses"Blu-ray, DVD20098.571079.73112.41
160Cream "Royal Albert Hall-2005"2DVD20058.56789.7581.76
161Scorpions "Acoustica"концерт в Lisbon(Portugal)20018.541929.6202.43
162Ambra "Honour & Glory"Fascination of Sound and Nature20028.53979.7104.84
163King Crimson "deja VROOOM"19998.531739.61182.4
164Paul McCartney "The McCartney Years"DVD20078.52399.7545.93
165Каста "Каста"Первый DVD20078.52399.7541.37
166Mike Oldfield "The Art In Heaven"Live In Berlin20008.52399.7541.48
167Earth & Fire "Greatest Hits"20048.52399.7541.29
168RPWL "The RPWL Live Experience"20098.52399.7540.81
169Wayne Lytle / David Crongale "Animusic 2"20058.52399.7541.46
170Yamato "The Drummers Of Japan"20038.52689.7172.53
171Ozzy Osbourne "Under Cover"DualDisc20058.47589.6762.09
172Porcupine Tree "Arriving Somewhere..."20068.45779.6381.75
173Eric Clapton "Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004"DVD20048.45779.6381.97
174Metallica "Franсais Pour Une Nuit"20098.45779.6381.24
175Jean Michel Jarre "Live a Pekin"20048.451629.53173.96
176Ария "Сделано В России"20038.44299.6730.9
177Centr "Эфир в норме"20088.44299.6730.61
178Depeche Mode "One Night in Paris"20028.44299.6731.04
179Depeche Mode "Devotional"20048.44299.6730.98
180Jon Lord "Beyond the Notes"20048.44299.6731.29
181Kitaro "Thinking Of You"20048.44299.6731.53
182Pat Metheny "Imaginary Day Live"DVD20068.44299.6730.95
183Enigma "Remember The Future"20018.421249.54131.33
184Green day "Bullet In A Bible"20058.4489.651.22
185Eric Clapton "One More Car One More Rider"20028.4489.651.28
186John Fogerty "The Long Road Home 2005"20068.4489.651.37
187Queen "We Will Rock You"20018.4489.652.71
188HIM "Live @ Rock am Ring 2001"20018.4489.650.85
189Blackfield "NYC"Live in New York City20078.4489.651.69
190The Traveling Wilburys "Collection"DVD+2CD20078.4869.5691.62
191Nine Inch Nails "Live - Beside You in Time"DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray20078.4869.5692.15
192Sade "Bring Me Home/ Live 2011"Blu-ray20128.39679.5772.41
193Jimmy Page & Robert Plant "No Quarter"20048.382169.39233.93
194Ambra "The Child Of The Universe"20038.371799.42195.86
195Tiesto "Elements Of Life (Copenhagen)"World Tour 2007 – 200820088.32579.561.82
196Kiss "Symphony - The DVD"20038.32579.561.15
197Rammstein "Lichtspielhaus"20038.32579.561.01
198Deep Purple "In Concert With the London Symphony Orchestra""фиолетовые" с симфоническим оркестром20008.3389.541.11
199Death "Live in L.A. (Death and Raw)"(official bootleg)20018.3389.540.83
200Slayer "War at the Warfield" DVD20038.3389.540.81
201Linkin Park "Live In New York - Webster Hall"20078.3389.540.83
202Blue Man Group "How To Be A Megastar Live"20088.3389.541.53
203Alice Cooper "Brutally Live"20018.3389.540.94
204Iron Maiden "Flight 666 - The Film"20098.3389.540.91
205Mylene Farmer "Avant que l'ombre a Bercy"20068.31139.42122.21
206Эпидемия "Хроники Сумерек - 10 Лет Пути"20068.3859.4491.19
207John Fogerty "Comin' Down the Road: The Concert at Royal Albert Hall"20098.28199.521
208Catharsis "Верни им небо..."Концерт в ДКГ 26.03.0520068.28199.521.26
209The Gathering "A Noise Severe"20078.28199.520.65
210Opeth "In Live Concert at The Royal Albert Hall"20108.28199.520.82
211Within Temptation "The Silent Force Tour" DVD20078.28199.521.79
212Iced Earth "Alive in Athens"20068.28199.522.26
213Therion "Live Gothic"20088.28199.520.95
214Pink "I'm not dead - Live from Wembley Arena"20078.28199.520.91
215Godsmack "Evening with Godsmack (Las Vegas at House of Blues)"20078.28199.521.06
216David Bowie "Glass Spider Tour"DVD20078.28199.525.29
217Jeff Healey Band "Live at Montreux 1999"20058.28199.520.83
218Incubus "Alive a Red Rocks"20078.28199.520.82
219Europe "Almost Unplugged"20098.28199.521.08
220Motorhead "25 & Alive Boneshaker"юбилейный концерт20018.28199.520.84
221Кипелов "Путь Наверх"20038.28199.520.77
222Damn Yankees "Uprising"и русифицированный LD+VHS20078.28199.520.95
223Yes "Live from the House of Blues"20048.28199.520.92
224Cesaria Evora "Live D’Amor"20048.28199.521.13
225Кипелов "V лет"dvdbook20088.28199.520.92
226Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense"19998.28199.520.84
227Marillion "Recital Of The Script"DVD20038.28199.526.53
228Аркона "Ночь Велесова"20098.28199.520.87
229Nirvana "Live at Reading"20098.28199.521.06
230The Jazz Channel Presents Herbie HancockDVD20018.28199.521.59
231Stevie Wonder "Live at Last: A Wonder Summer's Night"20098.28199.520.74
232Rolling Stones / Scorsese "Shine A Light"20088.28199.520.96
233STOMP "Stomp Out Loud"19988.28199.521.6
234Meat Loaf "3 Bats Live"20078.28199.520.69
235Christina Aguilera "Stripped Live In The U.K." DVD20088.28199.520.84
236Ария "Герой Асфальта: ХХ Лет"20088.28199.521.43
237Queensryche "Operation Livecrime"20018.28199.520.84
238Bryan Ferry "The Best Of Bryan Ferry"DVD20098.28199.521.24
239Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian "Live in Tokyo"DVD, Blu-ray20138.28199.522.84
240Kamelot "One Cold Winter's Night" DVD20068.28199.520.83
241Epica "2 Meter sessies: We Will Take You With Us"(DVD + CD)20048.28199.520.99
242Marillion "The EMI Singles Collection"20028.28199.521.11
243Black Sabbath "Live…Gathered in Their Masses"BLU-RAY20138.28199.527.75
244Scorpions "Live At Wacken Open Air 2006"20068.27949.4101.31
245Eric Clapton "Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007"20078.27949.4103
246ABBA "The Movie"Limited special edition20058.27669.4371.65
247Peter Gabriel "Secret World"20038.27669.4371.42
248Eric Clapton & Friends "In Concert"19998.27669.4371.5
249Pink Floyd "Live At Pompeii"The Director's Cut20038.262319.24254.22
250Sarah Brightman "Harem A Desert Fantasy"Фильм-клип Сары Брайтмен из Марокко20078.22479.451.99
251Wayne Lytle / David Crongale "Animusic"A Computer Animation Video Album20048.22479.451.92
252KOYAANISQATSIGodfrey Reggio / Philip Glass20028.22479.452.2
253Joe Satriani "Live In San-Francisco"20028.22479.451.45
254Children Of Bodom "Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm KnockOut Live"20068.2849.3391.11
255Peter Gabriel "PLAY: The Videos"20048.192209.17246.65
256Genesis "Live at Wembley Stadium"20038.17569.3361.45
257Metallica "Orgullo, Pasion Y Gloria - Tres Noches En La Ciudad De Mexico"20098.17569.3361.21
258Tiesto "In Concert"Arnhem Gelredome 200420048.17569.3361.68
259Виктор Цой / Разные исполнители "Кинопробы"20008.17569.3361.64
260Led Zeppelin "Led Zeppelin DVD"320 minutes of Led Zeppelin20038.152199.13242.22
261Metallica "Cunning Stunts"19988.15289.3330.77
262Mylene Farmer "Music Videos I"20008.15289.3331.45
263Robert Plant "Nine Lives"DVD+9CD Box20068.15289.3331.68
264Supertramp "Live In Paris '79"BLU-RAY20128.15289.3334.71
266KANSAS "Sail On 1974-2004"DVD+2CD Box20048.15289.3331.67
267Mago de Oz "A Costa da Rock"20038.15289.3330.72
268Falco "Everything"DVD20098.15289.3332.12
269A-Ha "Headlines And Deadlines - The Hits Of A-Ha"DVD19918.15289.3331.35
270Billy Joel "Live At Tokyo Dome"20088.15289.3330.71
271Iron Maiden "En Vivo!"DVD20128.15289.3331.38
272Morcheeba "From Brixton to Beijing"20048.15289.3330.88
273The Police "Certifiable (Live in Buenos Aires, 2008)"Blu-ray20088.15289.3332.89
274Queen "Волшебство в Будапеште"переиздание20028.15289.3331.34
275Sade "Life Promise Pride Love"DVD19938.15289.3331.25
276Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Live at the Royal Albert Hall"Royal Albert Hall, 199620018.15289.3331.6
277Black Sabbath "The last supper"19998.15289.3331.01
278Iron Maiden "Death On The Road"20068.15289.3330.85
279Boney M. "The Magic Of Boney M."DVD20068.15289.3334.43
280Man Doki Soulmates "Absolutely Life"DVD+CD 200320038.15289.3331.12
281Tchaikovsky / Gergiev "Nutcracker"DVD20078.14659.2971.2
282Queen "A Night at the Opera"и русифицированный тоже20058.141299.21143.3
283Pink Floyd "PULSE"20068.113748.9426.8
284Madonna "The Confessions Tour"20078.09929.2101.24
285David Gilmour "On An Island"CD+DVD limited edition 200620068.091019.18113.1
286Muse "Live at Rome Olympic Stadium"BLU-RAYr />8.08379.2548.66
287Kodo "One Earth Tour Special"20048.08379.2541.5
288Wu-Tang Clan "Disciples Of The 36 Chambers. Chapter 2"Концертное видео20048.08379.2541.06
289In Extremo "Am Goldenen Rhein"20098.08379.2541.17
290Pat Metheny Group "The Way Up - Live"20068.08379.2542.13
291YES "Acoustic"Guaranteed No Hiss20048.08379.2541.44
292Golden Earring "Naked 3: Live at the Panama"20058.05469.251.31
293Various "Concert For George"The Royal Albert Hall 11.29.200220038.05469.252.76
294Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) "Zoom Tour Live"20018.05469.251.7
295Asia "Fantasia - Live in Tokio"20078.03559.1762.56
296Gregorian "Masters of Chant. Chapter III"20028.03559.1761.59
297Rammstein "Live Aus Berlin"19998.02649.1471.32
298Пикник "Юбилейные концерты XXV"20088.02649.1472.79
299Heaven & Hell "Radio City Music Hall Live 2007"DVD20078.011189.08134.14
300Nightwish "End Of An Era"200681009.09111.66
301David Gilmour "In Concert"Meltdown Concert200281809201.9
302Kraftwerk "Minimum-Maximum"20057.991719193.56
303Queen "Live At Wembley Stadium"The Magic Tour '8620037.941179134.07
304Queen "Greatest Video Hits 1"20027.941618.94182.65
305Porcupine Tree "Anesthetise"DVD, Blu-ray20107.931089122.31
307Metallica "S&M"концерт с симфоническим оркестром20017.91348.93153.01
308Sting "...All This Time"20017.8963971.32
309DIO "Evil Or Divine"20037.8745951.28
310Enigma "Seven Lives Many Faces"20087.8745952.74
311Paul McCartney "Give my regards to Broad Street"20047.8745951.53
312Rolling Stones "Four Flicks"20037.8745951.27
313Eric Clapton "24 Nights"19997.8745950.82
314Steve Vai "Live At The Astoria London"20037.8636941.29
315Shakira "Oral Fixation Tour"20077.8636941.34
316U2 "Zoo TV. Live From Sydney"20067.8636941.16
317Queen "Jewels"Japan20047.8636941.25
318Therion "Celebrators Of Becoming"4DVD Box Set20087.8636943.85
319Hartmann "Handmade Live In Concert"20087.8627930.79
320Ozric Tentacles "Live at the Pongmasters Ball"20057.8627931.33
321Death "Live In Eindhoven 98"Концерт на Dinamo 98г.20017.8627930.99
322Блюз. Проект Мартина СкорсезеДокументальный музыкальный фильм20037.8627931.63
323Blind Guardian "Imaginations Through The Looking Glass"20047.8627930.74
324Sparks "Lil' Beethoven: Live In Stockholm"DVD20047.8627931.45
325STYX "One With Everything" 2006and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra of20067.8627931.3
326AC/DC "Let There Be Rock"Blu-ray20117.8627932.56
327Shocking Blue "Greatest Hits Around the World"200420047.8627931.37
328Deine Lakaien "The Concert That Never Happened Before"20067.8627930.75
329Haggard "Awaking the Gods"DVD20057.8627931.7
330Mike+the Mechanics + Paul Carrack "Rewired"Limited Edition20047.8627931.16
331David Bowie "The Best of"DVD20027.8627931.83
332Король и Шут "Ели мясо мужики"19997.8627930.67
333Chris Rea "The Road To Hell & Back - Farewell Tour"20067.8518921.28
334Rainbow "Live Dusseldorf 1995 (Rockpalast)"20057.8518921.05
335KODO "Live at the Acropolis"Hosted by Mickey Hart20027.8518921.18
336The Gathering "A Sound Relief"20057.8518920.92
337Freddie Mercury "Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs"2CD + 2DVD20067.8518921.52
338Smokie "Gold 1975-2015: 40th Anniversary Gold Edition"DVD20157.85189228.61
339D:A:D "Good Clean Family..."Clips (2003)20037.8518920.98
340Manfred Mann’s Earth Band "Angel Station In Moscow"DVD20037.8518922.16
341Killswitch Engage "World Ablaze"Live at Worcester Palladium, 200520057.8518920.95
342Iron Maiden "Raising Hell"20037.8518921.06
343V/A "M'Era Luna 2009"20097.8518920.66
344Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood "Live from Madison Square Garden"20097.8518921.19
345Static-X "Cannibal Killers Live"20087.8518920.59
346Maroon 5 "Live Friday the 13th"20057.8518920.77
347Annie Lennox "Totally Diva"DVD19927.8518921.41
348Mostly Autumn "The Story So Far..."20017.8518920.95
349Rotting Christ "Non Serviam - A 20 Year Apocryphal Story"20097.8518920.79
350Eminem "Live from New York City"20077.8518920.87
351Ken Russell / Rick Wakeman "Lisztomania"с переводом, оцифровка с VHS19757.8518921.25
352Behemoth "Crush.Fukk.Create. Requiem for Generation Armageddon"20047.8518920.79
353Al Di Meola "Speak A Volcano: Return To Electric Guitar"20067.8518920.98
354Buddha-Bar "Nature"20057.8518921.07
355Paradise Lost "Evolve"20027.8518920.77
356Kim Wilde "The Singles Collection 81-93"20047.8518921.13
357Dark Tranquillity "Where Death Is Most Alive"(2 DVD)20097.8518920.72
358Arch Enemy "Tyrants of the Rising Sun: Live in Japan"20087.8518920.57
359FRIDA "The DVD"20057.8518921.2
360U2 "18 Videos"DVD20067.8518921.11
361Various Artists "Feuertanz Festival 2009"20107.8518921.02
362Mostly Autumn "At the Grand Opera House"200320037.8518920.91
363R.E.M. "Perfect Square"20047.8518920.77
364Japan "The Very Best Of Japan"DVD20067.8518921.32
365Tiamat "The Church Of Tiamat"20067.8518920.73
366Rage "Metal Meets Classic Live"feat Lingua Mortis Orchestra20017.8518920.82
367The Moody Blues "Lovely to See You Live"Blu-ray, DVD20057.8518926.39
368Judas Priest "Epitaph"Blu-ray20137.8518924.97
369Behemoth "Evangelia Heretika"(2 DVD)20107.8518921.16
370Various Artists "Family Values '98"19997.8518920.64
371Rush "Clockwork Angels Tour"Blu-ray20137.85189211.43
372Yngwie Malmsteen "Trial By Fire. Live In Leningrad 1989"20097.8518920.87
373Dismember "Under Blood Red Skies"20097.8518920.66
374Alicia Keys "Unplugged"20057.8518921.51
375Paul Carrack "Live at the Opera House"20047.8518920.95
376Van Halen "Video Hits, Volume 1"DVD19987.8518921.29
377НОМ "Live In Europe"19967.8518920.8
378Papa Roach "Live & Murderous In Chicago"20057.849910.64
379Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band "Live At Montreux 1990"20047.849910.78
380PFM "Premiata Forneria Marconi Live In Japan 2002"DVD20027.849910.98
381Various Artists "MTV20 - Pop"DVD20017.849911.41
382Blaze Bayley "Alive in Poland"[live at MetalMania '07]20077.849910.59
383Delirious? "My Soul Sings"(Live From Bogota Colombia)20097.849910.71
384Midge Ure "Rewind - The Greatest Hits Tour"DVD20017.849910.98
385Randy Bachman "JazzThing" 200620067.849911.06
386Annihilator "Live At Masters Of Rock"20097.849910.72
387Megadeth "Rust In Peace Live"20107.849910.89
388The Cranberries "Live in London"20057.849910.74
389Albert Collins "The Iceman at Mount Fuji"20037.849910.87
390Ария "Пляска ада"2 dvd book20077.849910.88
391Grave Digger "The Clans Are Still Marching"20117.849910.88
392Freedom Call "Live in Hellvetia"(2 DVD)20117.849910.87
393Omnia "Pagan Folk Lore"20087.849910.79
394Peter Green Splinter Group "In Concert"20037.849910.86
395Shakira "Live & Off the Record"20047.849910.79
396Neal Morse "Testimony Live"20047.849910.62
397The Lawton Dunning Project "One More Night"200220027.849911.21
398X Japan "Shiroi Yoru"20077.849910.86
399Norman Granz' Jazz in Montreux Presents Milt Jackson & Ray Brown’ 77DVD20047.849911.02
400Cerrone "Culture"DVD20047.849911.36
401Marty Friedman "Exhibit B - Live In Japan"20077.849910.64
402Various Artist "20 Years Of Nuclear Blast"20077.849910.87
403Sigur Ros "Heima"20077.849911.01
404Pretty Maids "It Comes Alive (Maid in Switzerland)"(digipack)20127.849911.05
405John Wetton "Live In The Underworld"DVD20037.849910.95
406Bjork "Live In Cambridge With Icelandic String Octet & Mark Bell"20027.849910.8
407Mago de Oz "Barakaldo D.F."20087.849910.83
408Kansas "There's Know Place Like Home"20097.849910.96
409X Japan "Art Of Live"20037.849910.76
410The Flaming Lips "VOID - Video Overview In Deceleration, 1992-2005"DVD20057.849911.26
411Behemoth "Live Eschaton... The Art of Rebellion"Live in Krakov, 200220027.849910.73
412Various Artists "Wacken Open Air"20097.849910.86
413Iron Maiden "Visions Of The Beast: The Complete Video History"20037.849910.79
414Soulfly "Conquer"20087.849910.69
415Masada "Live In Tonic 1999"20047.849911.04
416U.D.O. "Nailed To Metal - Complete History"20037.849910.66
417Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "Tobsucht"20087.849910.76
418Scorpions "Unbreakable World Tour 2004: One Night in Vienna"20057.849910.97
419Spooky Tooth "Nomad Poets Live in Germany 2004"20077.849910.91
420Dar Williams "Live at Bearsville Theater"DVD20077.849911.08
421Qntal "Live"20047.849910.82
422Emperor "Live Inferno"(Live At Wacken Open Air 2006: "A Night of Emperial Wrath")20097.849911.07
423Amy Winehouse "I Told You I Was Trouble"20077.849910.75
424Kiss "Kissology - The Ultimate Kiss Collection Volume 1 1974-1977"DVD20067.849911.42
425X Japan "Aoi Yoru"20077.849910.74
426X Japan "On the Verge of Destruction"20017.849910.72
427PFM "Stati di Immaginazione"DVD20067.849911.03
428Steve Miller Band "Fly Like An Eagle"DVD+CD 30th limited edition20067.849911.1
429John Lawton Band 2003"Shakin' the Tale"20047.849911.26
430Э.С.Т. (E.S.T.) "Летопись"20057.849910.79
431Hortus Musicus "Gregorian Chant"20057.849911.87
432Audioslave "Live In Cuba"DVD20057.849911.04
433Grave Digger "25 to LIVE"20057.849910.79
434Dimmu Borgir "World Misanthropy"20027.849910.95
435Tool "Vicarious"DVD20077.849911.13
436Venom "Black Metal (Bonus DVD)"(DVD+CD)20097.849910.78
437Spiritual Beggars "Live Fire!"DVD20057.849911.41
438Various Artists "Feuertanz Festival 2007"20077.849910.84
439Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow "Black Masquerade"DVD19957.849917.7
440Various Artists "Feuertanz Festival 2008"20087.849910.91
441The Black Eyed Peas "Live from Sydney to Vegas"20067.849911.1
442Blutengel "Live Lines"20067.849910.72
443Cradle Of Filth "The Videos"20057.849910.65
444Moonspell "Lusitanian Metal"20087.849910.66
445Whitesnake "Live At Donington 1990"20117.849912.06
446Helloween "Keeper of the Seven Keys: Legacy World Tour"20077.849910.93
447AYREON "The Human Equation"bonus DVD, 2004 (и неофициальный с перев20047.849911.06
448SAGA "Contact: Live In Munich"20097.849910.67
449Coldplay "How We Saw The World"20067.849910.87
450Мастер "XX лет"dvdbook20087.849910.8
451Turisas "A Finnish Summer With Turisas"20087.849910.63
452Neal Morse "Sola Scriptura And Beyond"20087.849910.66
453Necrophagia "Through Eyes Of The Dead"19997.849910.63
454Richard Bona "Live In Warsaw 2005"бутлег20057.849911.53
455Tanzwut "Live"20057.849910.76
456Leonard Cohen "Live In London"20097.849910.77
457Zombies "Live at the Bloomsbury Theatre"200420047.849911.53
458Keane "Live"20077.849910.71
459Iggy Pop "Kiss My Blood (Live In Paris)"20047.849910.93
460Земфира "Зеленый театр в Земфире"Фильм-концерт Ренаты Литвиновой20087.849912.32
461Pendragon "And Now Everybody To The Stage..."20067.849910.65
462The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project "Live In Colombia"Blu-ray20167.8499111.53
463Paul Van Dyk "Global"CD+DVD20037.849911.65
464Unheilig "Puppenspiel Live - Vorhang Auf!"20087.849910.61
465Yann Tiersen "La Traversee"DVD20057.849910.81
466Chickenfoot"Get Your Buzz On - Live"Blu-Ray20107.849910.7
467In Extremo "Raue Spree"20067.849910.76
468Greg Lake "Live"20067.849911.63
469INXS "I'm Only Looking / The Essential INXS"DVD20057.849911.35
470Jamiroquai "Live In Verona"20027.849910.84
471Mostly Autumn "The Fiddler's Shindig"2002 (2005)20057.849911.06
472The Cure "Festival 2005"20067.849910.72
473Glass Hammer "Live At Belmont"20067.849910.59
474Lamb Of God "Walk With Me In Hell"20087.849910.71
475Blutengel "Moments of our Lives"20087.849910.82
476V/A "M'Era Luna 2007"20077.849910.62
477Golden Earring "The Devil Made Us Do It"35 Years-27 Clips20027.849911.02
478John Mayer "Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live In Los Angeles"20087.849911.08
479Firewind "Live Premonition"20087.849910.65
480Grave Digger "Tunes of Wacken / Live"20027.849910.82
481Everlost "Demolishing The Stage: Live Chronology"Промо DVD20077.849910.91
482ELO & Olivia Newton-John "Xanadu"DVD20057.849912.2
483Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers "Playback"DVD20007.849912.55
484Overkill "Wrecking Everything"20027.849910.7
485Angra "Rebirth World Tour - Live in Sao Paolo"20017.849910.7
486Schandmaul "Sinnfonie"20097.849910.62
487Randy Bachman "Every Song Tells A Story"20027.849911.07
488Mostly Autumn "The V Show"Limited edition20047.849910.99
489Busta Rhymes "Everything Remains Raw"(feat The Flipmode)20047.849910.6
490Gamma Ray "Heading For The East"20037.849910.8
491Kittie "Spit In Your Eye"20027.849911.13
492Jethro Tull "Slipstream"DVD20047.849913.31
493Blackmore's Nights "Castles and Dreams"20057.849911.03
494Arch Enemy "Live Apocalypse"[2 disc set]20067.849910.82
495НОМ "Юмористический видео-альманах"Музыкальная видеопрограмма20077.849911.02
496Dream Theater "Live at Budokan"20047.821248.86142.85
497Jon Lord with the Hoochie Coochie MenLive at the Basement20037.81808.8992.02
498Deep Purple "Machine Head"20027.811158.85132.94
499Metallica "The Videos 1989-2004"(2006)20067.79718.8881.74
500GENESIS "The Video Show"20047.77628.8671.84
501The Beatles "Help"20077.77628.8672.64
502Queen "Queen Rock Montreal + Live Aid"20077.77628.8672.41
503ABBA "The Definitive Collection"20027.74888.8101.44
504Peter Gabriel "Growing Up Live"20037.74888.8102.2
505Gregorian "The Masterpieces"The Original DVD - Live in Prague20077.74538.8361.51
506Muse "HAARP - Live From Wembley Stadium"20087.7448.852.13
507Dio "Holy Diver Live"20067.7448.851.59
508Nightwish "From Wishes to Eternity"20017.7448.851.84
509Evanescence "Anywhere But Home"DVD+CD20047.7448.851.73
510AC/DC "Plug Me In"3DVD-box (Limited Edition)20077.7448.851.17
511Kaada / Patton "Live"20077.65358.7541.43
512Dennis DeYoung "(Orchestral Music of STYX)"20037.65358.7542.28
513W.A.Mozart / Harnoncourt / Netrebko "Le Nozze Di Figaro"20067.59528.6762.3
514Deep Purple "Concerto for Group And Orchestra"DVD20027.59528.6761.76
515Roger Waters "In The Flesh - Live"DVD20007.56268.6731.15
516Tarot "Undead Indeed"20087.56268.6730.86
517Helloween "High Live"20027.56268.6730.94
518Moby "Play: The DVD"20017.56268.6730.87
519The Doors "Collection" 199919997.56268.6731.09
520Enya "The Video Collection"DVD20017.56268.6731.06
521Dio "We Rock"20057.56268.6731
522Eurythmics "Greatest Hits"DVD19917.56268.6731.29
523Pain Of Salvation "Be"20057.56268.6730.98
524Сурганова и Оркестр "Кругосветка"DVD+2CD20067.52438.651.72
525Emerson, Lake & Palmer "The Birth Of A Band"Isle Of Wight Festival20067.52438.651.84
526AC/DC "Live At Donington"20037.51608.5771.53
527Armin Van Buuren "Armin Only AHOY'2006"Шоу-концерт DJ №1 в Голландии20077.51608.5771.68
528Queen "Queen On Fire : Live At The Bowl"Hot Space Tour `8220047.51608.5772.34
529Kylie Minogue "Body Language Live"20047.44518.560.92
530Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Pictures at an Exhibition"Lyceum Theatre, 197020017.44518.561.85
531Uriah Heep "Magician's Birthday Party" 2001Limited edition20027.43348.541.9
532Deep Purple "Come Hell or High Water"20057.43348.541.39
533Madonna "Celebration: The Video Collection"20097.43348.540.91
534Chris Rea "Dancing down the stony road"20027.41178.520.69
535Christina Aguilera "My Reflection"20007.41178.520.72
536Judas Priest "Live Vengeance '82"20067.41178.520.86
537W.A.S.P. "Live at the Lyceum, London 1984"20007.41178.520.91
538Destruction "A Savage Symphony - The History Of Annihilation"20107.41178.520.81
539Toto "The Ultimate Clip Collection"DVD20037.41178.521.09
540Ozzy Osbourne "Memoirs Of A Madman"DVD20147.41178.5211.3
541Uriah Heep "Bird Of Prey: Best Of... Part One"DVD "Live From London"20067.41178.521.36
542Shania Twain "Up! Live in Chicago"20037.41178.521.11
543Camel "Curriculum Vitae"DVD20037.41178.521.53
544Bon Jovi "The Crush Tour"20007.41178.520.88
545Robin Trower "Living Out Of Time"200520057.41178.521.16
546Anathema "Were You There?"20047.41178.520.9
547Andromeda "Playing Off The Board"20077.41178.520.78
548Doro "Classic Diamonds"With The Classic Night Orcestra20047.41178.520.73
549Ария "Живой Огонь"20047.41178.521.05
550Paice Ashton Lord "Live"197720077.41178.521.15
551Воскресение "Опять 25"20067.41178.520.78
552Radiohead "The Astoria London Live"20057.41178.520.82
553Korn "MTV Unplugged"20077.41178.520.67
554Gong "High Above The Subterranea Club 2000"(в джазе только...клоуны)20087.41178.520.86
555MEGADETH "Rude Awakening"20027.41178.520.96
556No-Man "Mixtaped"20097.41178.521.48
557ANIMA MUNDIGodfrey Reggio / Philip Glass19987.41178.522.13
558Running Wild "Live / 2002"20027.41178.520.89
559Mostly Autumn "Pink Floyd Revisited"200420047.41178.521.17
560Rob Zombie "Past, Present & Future"20037.41178.520.61
561Cream "Farewell Concert (Royal Albert Hall London)"special extended edition20017.41178.520.69
562U.D.O. "Mastercutor Alive"20087.41178.521.11
563Blondie "Greatest Video Hits"DVD20027.41178.521.01
564Marilyn Manson "Lest We Forget"20047.41178.520.64
565Whitney Houston "The Greatest Hits"DVD20007.41178.521.55
566Marillion "Marbles on the Road"20047.41178.520.95
567Rolling Stones "Bridges To Babylon"19987.41178.520.92
568Hammerfall "One Crimson Night"20037.41178.520.74
569Liquid Tension Experiment "Live in L.A"Blu-ray20097.41178.522.15
570CAMEL "Coming of Age"1997 (2002)20027.41178.521.07
571Ring Of Fire "Burning Live in Tokyo"20037.41178.520.71
572NIACIN"Live" & "Live in Tokyo"20057.41178.520.93
573Boney M. "Fantastic Boney M. On Stage & On The Road"DVD20077.41178.521.43
574Tristania "Widow's Tour"(Bonus DVD for “Midwinter Tears“)20057.41178.520.77
575A Perfect Circle "aMOTION"DVD20047.41178.520.95
576Paul McCartney "In the World Tonight"19977.41178.521.3
577Eagles "Hell Freezes Over"19987.39848.4102.64
578Whitesnake "Live-In the Still of the Night20067.35678.3882
579Tony Joe White "In Concert"1992 (2003)20037.35428.451.46
580Mike Oldfield "Tubular Bells II & III Live"19997.35428.451.83
581Lita Ford "The Complete Video Collection"200320037.35428.451.74
582Xystus "Equilibrio: A Rock Opera"20097.27258.3331.94
583Battlelore "The Journey"20047.27258.3330.67
584TRIUMPH "Live at the US Festival"1983 (2003)20037.27258.3331.26
585Deep Purple "New, Live & Rare - The Video Collection 1984-2000"DVD20027.27258.3331.39
586U2 "Live From Boston - Elevation 2001"20027.27258.3330.74
587Joe Bonamassa "Live at Rockpalast" DVD20067.27258.3330.97
588Rapalje "Rapalje"20087.27258.3331.41
589POWAQQATSIGodfrey Reggio / Philip Glass20027.27258.3331.62
590Golden Earring "Live in Ahoy"DVD+CD 200620067.27258.3331.43
591Uriah Heep "Classic Heep Live From the Byron Era"20047.27258.3332.21
592Hensley - Lawton Band "Salisbury"неофициальный, с VHS20017.27258.3331.41
593Rammstein "Volkerball"2DVD+CD (special edition)20067.24668.2582.64
594Judas Priest "Rising in the East"20077.21338.2541.59
595Jean Michel Jarre "Solidarnosc Live"20057.21338.2541.34
596Оливер Стоун "ДОРЗ"The Doors20067.21338.2541.22
597Within Temptation "Black Symphony"20087.2908.18111.27
598Genesis "The Way We Walk"live in concert20027.17418.251.49
599King Crimson "Neal And Jack And Me"20047.17418.251.42
600Scorpions "Amazonia (Live In The Jungle)"20097.15498.1762.3
601King Crimson "Eyes Wide Open"20037.14578.1471.42
602Mike Oldfield "Elements"20047.0264881.59
603Ozzy Osbourne "Live At Budokan"20027.0156871.14
604"Через Вселенную" Across the UniverseDVD20077.0148861.5
605Judas Priest "Electric Eye"2003740851.16
606Steve Vai "Where The Wild Things Are"20096.9932841.25
607AC/DC "No Bull: The Director's Cut - Madrid 1996"20086.9932845.05
608Duran Duran "Arena (An Absurd Notion)"DVD20046.9932842.71
609Pain "Live Is Overrated"20056.9824831.01
610Iron Maiden "Live After Death"20086.9824831.41
611Lee Aaron "Video Collection"200620066.9824831.15
612Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Beyond The Beginning"250 minutes of ELP20056.9824831.61
613Herbie Hancock "Future2Future"20026.9824831.21
614Lacrimosa "Musikkurzfilme: The Video Collection"20056.9824831.14
615Amon Duul II "Play Phallus Dei"20036.9824831.12
616Chris Thompson "One Hot Night in the Cold"2003 (2006)20066.9824831.51
617Foo Fighters "Skin And Bones"20066.9824831.08
618The Sweet "The Greatest Hits – Sweetlive"DVD20046.9816821.19
619Van Der Graaf Generator "Godbluff Live"20036.9816821.39
620Van Der Graaf Generator "Masters From The Vaults"20036.9816821.38
621UFO "Showtime"20056.9816820.76
622Dido Live at Brixton Academy20056.9816821.14
623My Dying Bride "For Darkest Eyes"20026.9816820.73
624Pink "Funhouse Tour Live In Australia"20096.9816820.85
625Japan "Video Hits"DVD20016.9816821.09
626Accept "Blind Rage (Live In Chile 2013)"BLU-RAY + CD20146.9816825
627Motley Crue "Carnival Of Sins. Live"20056.9816820.76
628Dennis DeYoung "The Best Of Dennis DeYoung"DVD20056.9816821.23
629Styx "Return To Paradise – The Concert Video"DVD19996.9816822.3
630Steve Hackett "The Tokyo Tapes"20016.9816821.27
631John Wetton "Amorata"20036.9816821.04
632My Chemical Romance "Life On The Murder Scene"20066.9816820.91
633Marillion "Live From Loreley"DVD20046.9816821.06
634Linkin Park "Live in Texas"20036.9816821.1
635Arabesque "Greatest Hits"DVD20056.9816820.98
636Sonata Arctica "Live In Finland"(2 DVD)20116.9816821.12
637Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Live at Montreux 1997"20046.9816824.49
638Running Wild "Death Or Glory Tour"20076.9816820.7
639G3 "Live in Tokio"(Vai, Petrucci, Satriani)20056.9816820.98
640Glover, Lord, Hardin, Lawton, Gillan "The Butterfly Ball"20066.9816821.44
641Rock'n'Roll Meltdown&Bands of Gold1988 (2004), неофициальный20046.9816821.59
642Rage "Strings To A Web"(Bonus DVD)20106.9816820.93
643Bee Gees "One Night Only"20046.9816820.95
644Scream Aim Fire "Live at London Alexandria"20096.9816820.88
645Michael Schenker: Temple of Rock "Live In Europe"Blu-Ray20126.9816824.94
646Elton John "Love Songs"неофициальный, с LD19966.9816821.13
647Pink Floyd "La Carrera PanAmericana"оцифровка с LD19916.9816821.28
648Van Halen "Live Without A Net"20096.9816821.36
649Avril Lavigne "Live at the Millenium Hall, Seoul, South Korea"20036.9816820.73
650NITS "Live: Songs from the Album WOOL"20006.978810.99
651Stephane Sednaoui "Director's Series Vol. 7 – The Work Of Director Stephane Sednaoui"DVD20056.978811.13
652Bachman & Turner "Live at the Roseland Ballroom"Blu-ray20116.978811.14
653Hammerfall "Hearts On Fire" Bonus DVD20026.978810.74
654Mozart "Die Zauberflote"Blu-ray20086.978811.24
655Anastacia "Live at Last"20066.978810.96
656Cesar Zuiderwijk en Percossa Percussion"Alle Gekheid Met Een Stokje" 200120016.978811.24
657Def Leppard "Historia / In the Round, In Your Face"20016.978810.99
658America "Live at the Sydney Opera House"DVD20046.978811.28
659NITS "2004"20046.978810.98
660Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow "Live At Budokan, Tokyo"DVD20066.978811.25
661X Japan "Blue Blood Tour: Bakuhatsu Sunzen GIG"20016.978810.79
662Black Sabbath "The Black Sabbath Story Volume One"DVD20026.978811.19
663Styx "The Best Of Styx"DVD20046.978811.24
664Ramones "RAW"20046.978810.74
665Snowy White "Introspective"200620066.978811.01
666MAGIC CIRCLE FESTIVAL "Volume I"featuring MANOWAR20076.978810.9
667Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Masters From The Vaults"20046.978811.44
668Rik Emmett "Live @ 10 Gigs"200520056.978810.91
669Rik Emmett "One Night in Cinci"200420056.978810.94
670Progressive Rock Anthology20036.978811.36
671Gordon Haskell "The Road to Harry's Bar"20056.978811.01
672MOUNTAIN "Sea of Fire"20036.978810.88
673Metallica "Live In San Diego"20066.978811.09
674Odyssey into The Mind's Eyemusic by Kerry Livgren19966.978811.4
675Band Du Lac "One Night Only Live"(Brooker,Carrack,Clapton,Taylor,R.Starr)20066.978811.08
676KAYAK In Concert"Merlin-Bard of the Unseen"20036.978810.9
677Kreator "Live Kreation Revisioned Glory"20036.978810.79
678Nektar "Pure"Live in Germany 200520056.978811.2
679Camel "Pressure Points"DVD20036.978811.27
680CAMEL "Total Pressure"20066.978811.17
681America & Friends "Live at the Ventura Theater"20066.978811.12
682Warren Haynes (GOV'T MULE)"Electric Blues & Slide Guitar"20056.978810.87
683Laboratorium "Old School Fusion Live"20086.978810.79
684Glenn Hughes "Live in Australia"20066.978810.57
685Obituary "Frozen Alive"20066.978810.64
686Blind Guardian "Wacken 2007"(unofficial)20076.978810.74
687Круиз "Live In Omsk - 1986"20086.978810.86
688Witt "Live in der Berliner Philharmonie"20026.978810.57
689Jeff Scott Soto "One Night in Madrid"20106.978811.99
690Royal Hunt "Live 2006"Live in St.Petersburg20066.978810.79
691Pallas "Moment To Moment"20086.978811.04
692Twisted Sister "Double Live: North Stage '82 / New York Steel '01"(2 DVD)20116.978811.05
693Breaking Benjamin "Live The Homecoming (Live at The Stabler Arena)"20076.978810.74
694Kiss "Kissology - The Ultimate Kiss Collection Volume II 1978-1991"DVD20076.978811.32
695Klaus Schulze, Lisa Gerrard "Rheingold"20086.978811.11
696Ayreon "Timeline"20086.978810.84
697Rihanna "Good Girl Gone Bad Live"20086.978810.85
698Powerwolf "The Wacken Worship - Live At Wacken"bonus DVD from "Bible Of The Beast" '0920096.978810.8
699Jadis "View From Above"20036.978810.63
700Gotthard "More Than Life"20026.978810.93
701Katatonia "The Black Sessions"Bonus DVD20056.978811.03
702Skinny Puppy "The Greater Wrong Of The Right"20056.978810.71
703Europe "Live At Shepherd's Bush, London"20116.978812.06
704Dick Brave & The Backbeats "We Want Dick!"20096.978810.62
705Eric Clapton "Live at Montreux 1986"DVD20066.978810.99
706Korn "live at CBGB"(Bonus DVD)20046.978810.72
707Tankard "Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live"20056.978810.75
708Korn "Live at Hammerstein, N.Y.C"20026.978810.69
709Пикник "Квартирник"20076.978810.76
710Triumph "A Night of Triumph Live"20046.978810.6
711The Doors "No One Here Gets Out Alive" (Tribute to Jim Morrison)20026.978810.87
712Pink "Live in Europe"20056.978810.78
713The 69 Eyes "Helsinki Vampires"(Live At Tavastia + Videos)20036.978810.59
714Rory Gallagher "Live At Montreux"20066.978810.62
715My Dying Bride "Sinamorata"20056.978810.93
716Elvis Presley "'68 Comeback"Special Edition20066.978810.71
717Evergrey"A Night To Remember"20056.978810.65
718V/A "M'Era Luna 2008"20086.978810.56
719Anathema "A Vision of a Dying Embrace"19976.978810.73
720Pantera "3 Vulgar Videos From Hell"20006.978810.58
721Metallica "St.Anger Rehearsals"(Bonus DVD)20036.978811.01
722Marilyn Manson "Guns, God and Government World Tour"20026.978810.83
723Slayer "Still Reigning"20046.978810.72
724Glass Hammer "Live At The Tivoli"20086.978810.7
725Threshold "Critical Energy"20046.978810.67
726Weird Al" Yankovic "Alpocalypse HD"Blu-ray20116.978812.7
727Travis "Live in Glasgow"20026.978810.84
728Airbourne "Runnin' Wild"Bonus DVD20086.978810.63
729Welle: Erdball "Die Funkschau (Chronik Eines Senders)"20066.978811.07
730The Cranberries "Beneath The Skin. Live In Paris"20006.978811.06
731Various "Metalmania 2007"20086.978810.63
732Various Artists "The Realm of Napalm Records"20066.978810.59
733Roxy Music "The Thrill of It All: A Visual History 1972-1982"DVD20076.978810.86
734Destruction "20 Years Of Total Destruction"20046.978810.73
735The Beach Boys "The Lost Concert -1964"19996.978810.84
736Ancient Rites "And the Hordes Stood as One"20036.978810.62
737Arena "Smoke & Mirrors"20066.978810.65
738Beyonce "The Beyonce Experience Live!"20076.978810.73
739Kanye West "VH1 Storytellers"20106.978810.63
740Necrophagia "Necrotorture + Sickness"20056.978810.54
741Final Conflict "Another Moment In Time"20096.978810.69
742ALQUIN "One More Night"200320036.978810.98
743IQ "Stage"20066.978810.64
744Nickelback "Live At Sturgis"Blu-Ray20096.978810.64
745Bob Dylan "Live at Newport Folk Festival 1963-1965"20076.978811.11
746Deform "Darktator: Откровения"20096.978810.65
747Bon Jovi "Live at Madison Square Garden"Blu-Ray20106.978810.75
748Norah Jones "Live In New Orleans"20036.978810.63
749Mike Hodges / Queen "Flash Gordon"CD+DVD20066.978811.26
750Satellite "Evening Dreams"20066.978810.59
751Unearth "Alive From the Apocalypse"20086.978810.63
752Primal Fear "The History Of Fear"20036.978810.75
753Symbolic "The Ultimate Death Tribute"Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Concert20106.978811.13
754Anthrax "Alive-2 - The Special Edition"20056.978810.83
755Vader "And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw"20076.978810.7
756Collage "Living in the Moonlight"20046.978810.68
757Kiss "Kissology - The Ultimate Kiss Collection, Vol. 3: 1992-2000"DVD20076.978812.61
758Hibria "Blinded by Tokyo - Live in Japan" DVD20126.978812.06
759Tierra Santa "Las Mil y una Noches"20046.978810.71
760Megadeth "That One Night"Live In Buenos Aires20076.978810.7
761VA "Original Artists Collection: 70s Best Hits!"DVD20076.978811.03
762Sabaton "World War Live: Battle of the Baltic Sea"(Bonus DVD; a.k.a "Rockstad Falun")20116.978811.05
763Halford "Resurrection World Tour Live at Rock in Rio III"20096.978810.82
764Machine Head "Elegies"20056.978810.58
765Moonspell "Memorial"20066.978810.7
766Solitude Aeturnus "Hour Of Despair"20076.978810.62
767Avenged Sevenfold "Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough"20086.978811.01
768Faith No More "Live At The Brixton Academy & The Greatest Videos"20066.978810.68
769Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark "Architecture & Morality"DVD20076.978811.38
770Guess Who"Running Back Thru Canada"2000 (2004)20046.978811.25
771Moby "18"DVD20036.978811.39
772Mylene Farmer "Mylenium Tour"20006.961187.87153.46
773Genesis "When In Rome 2007"20086.91637.8881.96
774Dream Theater "XX Score"2 DVD, 200620066.89557.8671.79
775Avril Lavigne "My world"20036.86477.8361.5
776Freddie Mercury "The Video Collection"20006.82397.851.5
777Scorpions "Moment of Glory"Berliner Philharmoniker Live20006.8857.73113.02
778Red Hot Chili Peppers "Live at Slane Castle"live20036.8627.7581.58
779Queen "Made In Heaven: The Films"19966.8627.7581.6
780Led Zeppelin "The Song Remains The Same"In Concert And Beyond19996.791007.69133.68
781Santana "Supernatural Live"20006.77317.7541.19
782Сергей Трофимов "Ветер в голове"концерт в Санкт-Петербурге20056.77317.7541.23
783RAINBOW "Final Cut" & "Live Between the Eye2DVD 1982+1985 (2006) официальный20066.76547.7172.01
784Queen "Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert"20026.69617.6381.76
785Various "Mega Dance Энергия 104.2FM"20056.69237.6731.27
786Sonata Arctica "For The Sake Of Revenge"20066.69237.6730.92
787Dream Theater "Dark Side Of The Moon" (Official Bootleg)Pink Floyd cover20066.69237.6731.05
788Dire Straits "Alchemy 20th Anniversary Edition"20106.65387.651.26
789Jean Michel Jarre "Oxygene: Live In Your Living Room"20076.631057.5144.31
790ZZ Top "Live From Texas"20086.58607.581.4
791David Gilmour "Remember That Night"Live At The Royal Albert Hall20076.541837.32253.18
792U.D.O. "Navy Metal Night"Blu-Ray20156.54157.525.21
793Wind in the Willows A Rock Concert(Hardin,Lord,Airey,Bonnet,Ashton)199120036.54157.521.66
794Darzamat "Live Profanity (visiting the graves of heretics)"20076.54157.520.88
795Pet Shop Boys "А Life In Pop"DVD20066.54157.521.33
796Thy Disease "Extreme Obsession Live"20046.54157.520.65
797Sinead O'Connor "Goodnight, Thank You, You've Been a Lovely Audience" Live In Dublin"20036.54157.520.89
798Camel "Footage II"DVD20056.54157.521.2
799Элизиум "Мир, а не война! (Live in Б1)"20086.54157.520.74
800Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble "Pride And Joy"20076.54157.520.74
801Дельфин "Любимые клипы фанатов"20046.54157.520.94
802Britney Spears "Greatest Hits: My Prerogative"20046.54157.521.08
803AC/DC "Stiff Upper Lip"20016.51527.4371.04
804Roy Orbison "Black & White Night"19996.51527.4371.99
805Pink Floyd "Delicate Sound of Thunder"неофициальный DVD из LD20026.47377.453.09
806Diana Krall "Live At The Montreal Jazz Festival"20046.47377.451.57
807Uriah Heep "The Hensley Years 1970-1980"20046.47377.451.81
808Jean Michel Jarre "Oxygene Moscow"19976.46887.33122.59
809Rage Against the Machine "Live at The Grand Olympic Auditorium"20036.4227.3331.24
810Depeche Mode "101"20036.4227.3331.17
811NAQOYQATSIGodfrey Reggio / Philip Glass20026.4227.3331.68
812J.J.Cale "To Tulsa and Back"200520066.4227.3331.32
813Narnia "At Short Notice… - Live In Germany"20046.4227.3330.76
814Anathema "A Moment In Time"20066.4227.3331.14
815Jean-Luc Barreau "Музыка космоса: Вселенная"Аудиовизуальная программа20076.4227.3331.95
816Pet Shop Boys "Cubism"20076.3367.250.88
817Blackmore's Night "Paris Moon"20076.1235751.41
818Muse "Hullabaloo"Live At Le Zenith, Paris20026.1228741.47
819Queen "Live at Rainbow"20056.1228742.86
820Satriani, Johnson, Vai "G3 - Live In Concert"20006.1228741.3
821Opeth "Lamentations: Live At Shepherd's Bush 2003"20046.1228743.57
822Megadeth "Arsenal of Megadeth"20066.1121730.76
823Jimi Hendrix "Live at Woodstock"20056.1121730.95
824Various artists "Concert for Diana - Live at Wembley stadium"20076.1121731.13
825Foreigner "Alive & Rockin'"20076.1121731.96
826Umbra et Imago "Imago Picta"20066.114720.78
827George Michael "Twenty Five"2DVD20066.114721.12
828Rush "Replay X3 2006"3DVD+1CD Box20066.114721.15
829Foreigner "All Access Tonight 2002"20036.114721.18
830The Flower Kings "Instant Delivery"20066.114720.82
831Stream of Passion featuring AYREON"Live in the Real World" 200620066.114720.95
832Deep Purple "Perihelion"20026.114720.84
833Apocalyptica "Live"20016.114721.38
834Bad Company "In Concert - Merchants Of Cool"20036.114720.92
835Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Welcome Back"19976.114721.47
836Loudness "Thanks 25th Anniversary: Loudness Live at International Forum"20076.114720.7
837Diary Of Dreams "Nine In Numbers"20066.114720.65
838Good Charlotte "Live at Brixton Academy"20046.114720.68
839Dismember "Live Blasphemies"20046.114720.61
840Nelly Furtado "Loose The Concert"20076.114721
841The Police "Every Breath You Take"DVD20036.114723.63
842Man Doki Soulmates "Legends of Rock"CD+DVD 200420046.114720.96
843Hilary Duff "The girl can Rock"20046.17710.75
844Pitchshifter "PSI Entology"20046.17710.67
845Jerry Lee Lewis "Last Man Standing - Live"200720076.17711.6
846Dark Funeral "Angelus Exuro pro Eternus"(Bonus DVD)20096.17710.75
847Britney Spears "Live From Las Vegas"20026.17711.1
848Funeral For A Friend "Spilling Blood In 8mm"20046.17710.68
849Gojira "The Link Alive"20076.17710.83
850Six Feet Under "Live With Full Force"20046.17710.73
851Primordial "All Empires Fall"20106.17710.69
852Deftones "Live In Hawaii"20026.17710.7
853Kitaro "The Light Of The Spirit"19996.17711.61
854Bloodbath "Bloodbath Over Bloodstock"20116.17710.92
855Yoshiki Hayashi "Symphonic Concert"20056.17710.74
856Ratt "Videos From the Cellar: The Atlantic Years"20076.17710.78
857God Seed "Live at Wacken"(Bonus DVD)20126.17711.1
858JORN "Live In Black"(bonus DVD)20116.17710.96
859Jorn "Live In America"20096.17710.66
860Overhead "Live After All"20096.17710.64
861EdenBridge "A Live Time In Eden"20046.17710.65
862Various Artists "Asian Adventures"DVD20086.17712.18
863Flotsam and Jetsam "Once In A Deathtime"20086.17710.69
864Motley Crue and others "Crue Fest 1"20096.17710.6
865Various "Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey" / "STOMP: Rhytms of the World"20066.17711.04
866Twisted Sister "Live At Wacken - The Reunion"20056.17710.95
867Metal Church "Dynamo Classic Concerts 1991"20076.17710.74
868Krisiun "Live Armageddon"20066.17710.66
869Norah Jones "Live From Austin, Texas" DVD20076.17710.65
870Dornenreich "Nachtreisen"20096.17710.67
871SAS Band "The Show"2000 (2004)20046.17711.3
872Various Artists "Out Of Line - Electro Festival Vol. 1"(God Module,Hocico,System Syn,Spetsnaz)20066.17710.76
873AleStorm "Black Sails At Midnight"(Bonus DVD)20096.17710.76
874DIO "At Tokyo Super Rock Festival"20096.17710.99
875Tyr "Land (Live At Wacken 2007)"(Bonus DVD)20086.17710.68
876Grand Funk Railroad "Live At The L.A. Forum '74">???6.17710.7
877Various Artists "Feuertanz Festival 2005"20066.17710.76
878Paradise Lost "Live Death"20046.17710.7
879Madonna "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret"20066.17710.84
880Cheap Trick "From Tokyo to You" 200320046.17711.31
881Avulsed "Reanimating Russia - Live at the Ikra club"20076.17710.67
882Rage "Video Link"20036.17710.7
883Korpiklaani "Tervaskanto"(Bonus DVD)20076.17710.65
884Tribuzy "Execution Live Reunion"20076.17710.73
885Rage "Carved In Stone"(Bonus DVD)20086.17710.73
886Hate Eternal "The Perilous Fight"20066.17710.79
887Dark Funeral "Attera Orbis Terrarum, part I"20076.17710.64
888Vader "Night Of The Apocalypse"20046.17710.59
889Waltari "Rare Species Alive"20056.17710.69
890Queensryche "Live Evolution"20016.17710.75
891Mudvayne "All Access To All Things"20036.17710.63
892Dimmu Borgir "The Invaluable Darkness"20086.17710.81
893Enchant "Live At Last"20056.17710.6
894Alkonost "У Стен Арконы"20086.17710.69
895Fair Warning "The Call Of The East - Live in Japan"20066.17710.73
896Sylvan "Posthumous Silence - The Show"10th Anniversary20086.17710.61
897Fields Of The Nephilim "Revelations.Forever Remain.Visionary Heads"20026.17710.63
898Anthrax "Music Of Mass Destruction"Live In Chicago20046.17710.81
899As I Lay Dying "This Is Who We Are"20096.17710.69
900Diamond Head "To The Devil His Due"20066.17710.76
901Warlock "Live In London 1985"20026.17710.89
902Bloodbath "The Wacken Carnage"20086.17710.6
903Marillion "From Stoke Row To Ipanema"20036.17710.55
904Fates Warning "Live In Athens"20056.17710.59
905Bonfire "The Rauber"20086.17710.72
906Norther "Spreading Death"20056.17710.7
907Edgar Winter "Reach For It: Royal Albert Hall 2004"20096.17710.58
908Confessor "Live in Norway"20066.17710.65
909Gwen Stefani "Harajuku Lovers Live"20066.17711.07
910Tesla "Comin' Atcha Live! 2008"20086.17710.63
9113 Doors Down "Away from the sun - Live"20076.17710.68
912Clutch "Full Fathom Five - Video Field Recordings"20086.17710.64
913Mudvayne "L(ive) D(osage) 50 - Live In Peoria"20016.17710.65
914Brainstorm "Honey from the B's (Beasting Around the Bush)"20076.17710.65
915Christian Death "Live"20016.17710.61
916V/A "M'Era Luna 2005"20056.17710.56
917V/A "M'Era Luna 2006"20066.17710.66
918Noize MC "Live"20096.17710.8
91916 Horsepower "Live"20066.17710.64
920Yngwie Malmsteen "LIVE!!"19986.17710.74
921Various Artists "Feuertanz Festival 2006"20066.17710.77
922Skinny Puppy "Ain't It Dead Yet?"20016.17710.75
923Apocalyptica "Life Burns Tour - 2005"20066.17711.74
924Foreigner "Live at Deer Creek 1993"20036.17711.15
925Ekseption "The Best of..." DVD20036.17711.01
926Soulfly "Omen"(Bonus DVD)20046.17710.68
927Cathedral "Our God Has Landed"20016.17710.64
928Death Angel "Sonic German Beatdown - Live in Germany"20096.17710.8
929Golden Earring "Making Face It"неофициальный, но с переводом20046.17710.99
930Queensryche "Mindcrime in Moore"20076.17710.75
931Transatlantic "Live In Europe"20036.17710.64
932Texas "Paris"20016.17710.58
933DeeExpus "Far From Home"20096.17710.55
934Artillery "One Foot in the Grave, The Other One in the Trash"20086.17710.62
935Testament "Seen Between The Lines"20086.17710.57
936Lacuna Coil "Visual Karma (Body, Mind and Soul)"20086.17710.61
937Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "The Road To God Knows Where / Live At the Paradiso"20066.17710.75
938Subway to Sally "Nackt"20066.17710.82
939Redemption "Frozen in the Moment: Live In Atlanta"20096.17710.65
940Type O Negative "Symphony For The Devil"20066.17710.7
941HIM "Digital Versatile Doom: Live From the Orpheum Theatre XXXVII A.S."20086.17710.75
942ABC "Absolutely – Classic Clips"DVD20036.177118.71
943Thin Lizzy "Live and Dangerous"20086.17710.65
944Leaves' Eyes "We Came with the Northern Winds / En Saga I Belgia"20096.17710.72
945Vanilla Fudge "When Two Worlds Collide"20096.17710.61
946Skinny Puppy "Video Collection (1984-1992)"20016.17710.7
947In Flames "Live in Germany 2004"20046.17710.61
948Machine Head "The Blackening"Bonus DVD20086.17710.79
949Guano Apes "Planet Of The Apes"The DVD Documentary20056.17711.4
950Kings Of Leon "Live At The O2"20096.17710.57
951Voivod "D-V-O-D-1"20056.17710.57
952Royal Hunt "Future's Coming from the Past"20116.17710.78
953Disturbed "Meaning of Life"20026.17710.84
954Enslaved "Live Retaliation"20036.17710.7
955Midnight Oil "The Ultimate Clip Collection"DVD20036.17711.13
956Parkway Drive "The DVD"20096.17710.73
957Living Legends of Rock & Roll"Live from Itchycoo Park"20006.17711.12
958Mr Big "Back To Budokan"DVD20096.17710.73
959Нино Катамадзе & Insight "Русалка"20046.17710.91
960AXXIS "20 Years of Axxis - The legendary Anniversary live show"(2 DVD)20116.17711.02
961Misanthrope "IrremeDIABLE"[bonus DVD]20086.17710.73
962Caravan "A Knight In London"DVD20036.17710.92
963Carcass "Wake Up And Smell The... CARCASS"20016.17710.63
964Carpathian Forest "We're Going To Hollywood For This"20076.17710.59
965Kronos Quartet "In Accord"19986.17711.01
966Mary J Blige "Live from Los Angeles"20066.17710.72
967Chthonic "A Decade On The Throne"20076.17710.64
968Roger Waters "The Wall : Live In Berlin"20036.04896.85132.58
969SPARKS "Live in London" & "Beat the Clock"20006.01486.8671.16
970Dire Straits "Sultans Of Swing"The Best Of19995.92546.7581.7
971Judas Priest "Live In London"20025.9276.7541.23
972Linkin Park, Jay-Z "Collision Course"20045.9276.7541.15
973Vangelis "Mythodea"20025.9276.7541.58
974KANSAS "Device-Voice-Drum"200220025.9276.7541.18
975Dream Theater "Chaos In Motion"20085.84406.6761.08
976Scorpions "A Savage Crazy World"20025.82206.6730.93
977Rush "Rush in Rio"20035.82206.6730.99
978Dead Can Dance "Toward The Within"20045.82206.6731.56
979Manowar "Hell On Earth Part V"20095.82206.6731
980Bon Jovi "Slippery When Wet"20035.82206.6731.25
981Queen + Paul Rogers "Return Of The Champions"Live in Sheffield, 200520055.72656.5102.28
982Motley Crue "Greatest Video Hits"20035.67136.520.72
983Bucks Fizz "The Very Best"DVD+CD20075.67136.521.29
984Atomic Rooster "Masters From The Vaults"20035.67136.521.25
985Queen "Live At Milton Keynes"20055.67136.521.55
986Dave Gahan "Live Monsters"20045.67136.520.89
987Helloween "The Hellish Videos: Complete Video Collection"20055.67136.520.82
988Canyon Dreams (music-Tangerine Dream)19975.67136.521.11
989U2 "Live at Red Rocks"20085.55386.3361.35
990Smokie "Take A Minute / Live In South Africa"DVD20105.53196.3332.12
991Black Sabbath "Never Say Die"20035.53196.3331.06
992Dream Theater "Images and Words Live In Tokyo / 5 Years In A LIVEtime"20045.53196.3330.87
993Deep Purple "Live In California 74"20065.46256.2544
994Uriah Heep "Moscow And Beyond"20025.46256.2540.92
995U2 "360° At The Rose Bowl"Blu-ray20095.4376.1761.48
996Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Clips) 2006"Unearthed - The Best of 1973-2005"20065.2424641.2
997Staind "UnPlugged"20025.2312621.36
998Various Artists "Goth Box: The Video Companion"19995.2312621.57
999The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour"20065.2312620.72
1000Guns N' Roses "Use Your Illusion I & II"20035.2312620.75
1001Yngwie Malmsteen "Concerto Suite For Electric Guitar And Orchestra In E Flat Major Live"With The New Japan Philharmonic20055.2312621.07
1002Queen "Live in Japan"20065.2312621.41
1003Crematory "Liverevolution"20055.2312620.76
1004Renaissance "Song Of Scheherezade"20085.2312620.57
1005Kitaro "Kojiki"20045.236611.23
1006Das Ich "Panopticum"(LP "Cabaret" Bonus DVD)20075.236610.75
1007Barclay James Harvest 2in1 1984-1987"Victims of Circumstance" & "Glasnost"20055.236610.96
1008Galneryus "Live in the Moment of the Resurrection"(2 DVD)20105.236610.9
1009Nightmare "One Night Of Insurrection"20115.236610.92
1010David Bowie "Serious Moonlight"DVD20065.236611.04
1011U.F.O. "The Misdemeanor Tour"DVD20025.236610.87
1012Cradle of Filth "Heavy, Left-Handed and Candid"20015.236610.74
1013Various Artists "Out Of Line - Electro Festival Vol. 2"[Agonoize,Blutengel,Cephalgy,Combicrist]20065.236610.75
1014Arjen Lucassen's Star One "Live on Earth"DVD+2CD Box20035.236611.28
1015Panzer "En Directo - De Infierno A Infinito"20105.236610.66
1016Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows "The Goat... And Other Re-Animated Bodies"20095.236610.73
1017Curved Air "Masters From The Vaults"20025.236611.19
1018Clan Of Xymox "Visible"20085.236610.62
1019Tygers Of Pan Tang "Visions From The Cathouse"20035.236610.61
1020Kitaro "An Enchanted Evening"19995.236611.23
1021IQ "Live From London"20055.236610.59
1022Cheap Trick "Silver"20005.236610.94
1023Сергей Маврин "Made In Питер"20075.236610.75
1024Moonlight "Awaken Memories"20035.236610.73
1025Bernie Torme "Stratocaster Gypsy"20055.236610.63
1026Theatre of Tragedy "Last Curtain Call"20115.236610.97
1027Hypocrisy "Hell Over Sofia - 20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion"20115.236611.23
1028Unheilig "Goldene Zeiten"20085.236610.58
1029Circle of Pain "Classic live Tunes"20055.236610.67
1030Alien Ant Farm "Busted"20065.236610.69
1031Credo "This Is What We Do"20095.236610.61
1032Xandria "Now & Forever"(Bonus DVD)20085.236610.76
1033Van Halen "Live: Right Here, Right Now"19995.236610.64
1034Overkill "Live At Wacken Open Air 2007"(«Immortalis» bonus DVD)20075.236610.73
1035Birth Control "History"(2005)20055.236611.06
1036Grave "Enraptured"20065.236610.74
1037Bruce Dickinson "Anthology"20065.236610.81
1038The Black Dahlia Murder "Majesty"20095.236610.67
1039Steve Hackett "Spectral Mornings"1978 (2005)20055.236610.91
1040Samael "The Black Trip"20035.236610.67
1041Limp Bizkit "Live in London" DVD20065.236610.69
1042Arctic Monkeys "Live At The Apollo" DVD20095.236610.71
1043Lacrimosa "The Live History"20005.236610.64
1044MUSE "SongBook & Live 2006"2DVD, неофициальный20075.236611.36
1045Atari Teenage Riot & Alec Empire "Sixteen Years Of Video Material"20105.236610.76
1046Helstar "30 Years of Hel"(DVD + 2 CD)20125.236611.93
1047Melancholy "10 Years of Madness"20095.236610.64
1048Various "Gigantour 2: Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell Lies"feat Overkill, Arch Enemy, Opeth, etc.20085.236610.6
1049Dexy's Midnight Runners "The Bridge"20065.236610.88
1050Various "Monsters Of Metal Vol. 5"20075.236611.05
1051Santana "Sacred Fire – Live In Mexico"DVD19935.236615.3
1052Brotherhood of Man "Greatest Hits"20045.236611.05
1053Offroad "Take a Ride (Live in Krasnodar)"20085.236610.65
1054Iggy Pop "Live San Fran 1981"20025.236610.76
1055While Heaven Wept "Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence" DVD20105.236613.57
1056Coil "Live in Moscow"20015.236610.71
1057Nazareth "Dressed To Kill"DVD20075.236616.24
1058Vision Divine "Stage Of Consciousness"20055.236610.67
1059Oomph! "Rohstoff"20075.236610.68
1060Six Feet Under "Double Dead"20025.236610.57
1061Hocico "A Traves de Mundos Que Arden"20065.236610.66
1062V/A "Family Values Tour 2006"20065.236610.68
1063Ossian "Letunk a bizonyitek"20065.236610.63
1064Disturbed "Indestructible in Germany"(Bonus DVD)20085.236610.91
1065Arena"Caught In The Act"20035.236610.57
1066Various "Gigantour"feat Megadeth, Dream Theater, etc.20065.236610.71
1067Heaven Shall Burn "Invictus (Iconoclast III)"(Bonus DVD)20105.236610.66
1068Caravan "The Ultimate Anthology"20045.236610.58
1069Disturbed "Ten Thousand Fists"Tour Edition Bonus DVD20065.236610.67
1070Fish "Return To Childhood"(20th Anniversary Tour)20085.236610.61
1071Various Artists "Great Concertos"10 DVD-Set20095.236610.93
1072Gov't Mule "Rising Low"20025.236610.98
1073Various Artists "Metal By Metal"(Black Mark Production's band comp)20035.236610.69
1074Gary Moore "Live At Monsters Of Rock"20035.236611.18
1075Dire Straits "On The Night"20035.14415.8672.28
1076Rainbow "Live In Munich 1977"20065.02235.7541.29
1077Nazareth "Hair of the Dog - Live from London"20074.95175.6730.84
1078Кипелов "Москва 2005"20064.95175.6730.71
1079Pink Floyd "LONDON 1966/1967"20054.94455.6381.97
1080Rush "Snakes & Arrows Live"20084.81225.541.01
1081Lordi "Market Square Massacre"20064.81225.540.69
1082Catamenia "Bringing The Cold To Poland"20074.8115.520.67
1083Edguy "Superheroes"heroic DVD edition20054.8115.520.89
1084Ария "Все Клипы"20084.8115.521.27
1085Alice Cooper "Trashes the World"20044.8115.520.83
1086Slipknot "Voliminal:Inside the Nine" DVDотличное творение Шона Крэхана20064.8115.520.76
1087Bonnie Tyler "Bonnie on Tour"20064.8115.521.15
1088Tangerine Dream "The Video Dream Mixes"19964.8115.521.42
1089Various Artists "Monsters Of Metal"(Volume 1-7)20094.8115.521.41
1090Camel "Footage"20044.8115.521.48
1091Stuck in the Middle (15 Classic 70's Videos)200320034.8115.521.49
1092Dream Theater "Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York"20014.8115.520.99
1093Europe "Rock The Night"Collector's Edition20044.66165.3331.05
1094The Michael Schenker Group "Live in Tokyo 1997"20054.66165.3331.23
1095Linkin Park "Road To Revolution/Live At Milton Keynes"20084.66165.3330.77
1096Various "20 лучших videoклипов русского шансона"20064.52315.1760.83
1097Aerosmith "You Gotta Move"20044.3720540.93
1098Rock Milestones "Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here"DVD20054.3720542.09
109910cc and Godley & Creme "Greatest Hits and More"1988 (2006)20064.3720541.35
1100Pink Floyd "Reflections and Echoes"4DVD - limited edition20054.3615531.46
1101Marillion "Somewhere In London"20084.3610520.72
1102HDScape "HD Window - The Great Southwest"Blu-ray20074.3610522.28
1103Axel Rudi Pell "Live Over Europe"20024.3610520.74
1104David Bowie "The Best Of David Bowie 1980 / 1987"DVD + CD20074.3610521.29
1105Axel Rudi Pell "Knight Treasures"20024.3610520.75
1106The Cranberries "Stars - The Best Videos 1992-2002"20024.3610521.08
1107Slipknot "Welcome to our Neighborhood"качественная 30-минутка, видео-обзор20034.3610520.83
1108Cannibal Corpse "Centuries of Torment: The First 20 Years"20084.3610520.89
1109Cradle Of Filth "Peace Through Superior Firepower"20054.3610520.9
1110FREE "Free Forever" (2006)2DVD20064.3610521.16
1111Frank Zappa "Does Humor Belong In Music?"The Pier, NYC, USA, 198420034.3610521.29
1112Kataklysm "Live In Deutschlannd - The Devastation Begins"20074.355510.77
1113Candlemass "Ashes To Ashes"20104.355511.05
1114Zyklon "Storm Detonation Live"20064.355510.55
1115Suidakra "13 Years Of Celtic Wartunes"20084.355510.59
1116Various Artists "Medieval - Mittelalterfest 2004"(Schandmaul,Tanzwut,Corvus Corax,Qntal)20044.355510.66
1117Candlemass "20 Years Anniversary Party"20074.355510.95
1118Shaman "Anime Live"20094.355510.74
1119Rhapsody Of Fire "Visions From The Enchanted Lands"20074.355510.63
1120Deathstars "Night Electric Night"(Gold Edition - Bonus DVD)20094.355511.02
1121Meshuggah "Alive" DVD20104.355511.05
1122Аркона "Жизнь во Славу"20064.355510.9
1123Cult Of Luna "Fire Was Born"20094.355510.69
1124Hanoi Rocks "The Nottingham Tapes"20084.355510.6
1125The Doors "Live In Europe 1968"20044.355511.4
1126Mountain "Live in Paris"20074.355510.65
1127Steve Miller Band "Live"неофициальный, с LD 198319834.355510.88
1128Rata Blanca "En Vivo Estadio Obras"20044.355510.77
1129Napalm Death "The DVD"20014.355510.62
1130Metalium "Metalian Attack: Part Two"20064.355510.64
1131Das Ich "Lava: Addendum"(LP "Lava" Bonus DVD)20044.355510.67
1132Macabre "True Tales of Slaughter and Slaying"20074.355510.67
1133Rick Wakeman "Live In Buenos Aires"20014.355511.32
1134TNT "Live in Madrid"20064.355510.62
1135Unheilig "Kopfkino"20054.355510.74
1136Wetton-Downes "iCon, acoustic 2005"20064.355510.91
1137Gorgoroth "Black Mass, Krakow 2004"20084.355510.69
1138Running Wild "Final Jolly Roger"20114.355510.8
1139Pearl Jam "Touring Band 2000"20014.355510.6
1140Tangerine Dream "Live In America 1992"20044.355510.9
114121st Century Schizoid Band "Live In Japan"20054.355511.08
1142Hammerfall "Rebels With A Cause (Unruly,Unrestrained,Uninhibited)"20084.355510.87
1143The Exploited "Beat 'Em All"20074.355510.8
1144Axel Rudi Pell & Friends "Magic Moments – 25th Anniversary Special Show"Blu-Ray20154.355514.62
1145Classic Rock String Quartet "David Bowie Chamber Suite"20034.355511.04
1146Grave Digger "Live At The Rock Machina Festival"(Bonus DVD к EP "Yesterday" 2006)20064.355510.67
1147Volbeat "Live: Sold Out"20084.355510.65
1148ASIA "The Best of ASIA"Clips (2004)20044.355511.14
1149Agent Steel "Live at Dynamo Open Air"20054.355510.59
1150Delight "The Last Tale Of Eternity"20034.355510.64
1151Paul Di'Anno "The Beast in the East"20034.355510.62
1152Deicide "Doomsday in L.A"20074.355510.57
1153Laaz Rockit "Live Untold"20064.355510.66
1154Salem "Live Demise"20044.355510.69
1155Mastodon "The Workhorse Chronicles: The Early Years 2000-2005"20063.9294.520.73
1156Accept "Metal Blast from the Past"20023.9294.520.85
1157Ian Gillan "Highway Star A Journey In Rock"20073.9294.520.61
1158Bon Jovi "Lost High way: The concerts"20073.9294.521.1
1159Fancy "Best Of...Die Hits Auf Deutsch"DVD20033.498429.34
1160Dream Theater "Santiago, Chile 12/6/05"[Official Bootleg]20093.498420.84
1161Nightwish "End Of Innocence"20033.498420.88
1162Nuclear Assault "Radiation Sickness"20073.484410.56
1163The Flaming Lips "The Fearless Freaks"20053.484411.07
1164Artrosis "Among Flowers & Shadows - Live in Krakow"20023.484410.69
1165Classic Rock String Quartet "Genesis Chamber Suite"20033.484411.03
1166Alanis Morissette "Feast On Scraps"20023.484410.54
1167The Cramps "Live at Napa State Mental Hospital"20033.484410.64
1168Various Artists "New England Metal and Hardcore Festival - 2003"[Lamb Of God, Atreyu, Converge, Nora]20043.484410.65
1169Cinderella "In Concert"20053.484410.6
1170Avalanch "Lagrimas Negras"20063.484410.65
1171Night Ranger "The Best of..."20043.484410.84
1172Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Works Orchestral Tour"20023.484411.45
1173Sina Vodjani "Zarathustra"20073.484411.12
1174Force Of Evil "Evil Comes.... Alive"(MERCYFUL FATE and KING DIAMOND members)20043.484410.87
1175Deine Lakaien "Live in Concert"20033.484410.67
1176Classic Rock String Quartet "Led Zeppelin Chamber Suite"20033.484411.06
1177Annihilator "Ten Years in Hell"20063.484410.73
1178Crowbar "Live With Full Force"20073.484410.64
1179Hensley / Wetton "More Than Conquerors"20023.484411.08
1180Rage "Fool Moon In St. Petersburg"20073.0573.520.87
1181G3 "Live in Denver"(Vai, Petrucci, Malmsteen)20043.0573.520.73
1182W.A.S.P. "The Sting" - Live in the Key Club L.A."20023.0573.521.01
1183Dream Theater "When Dream and Day Reunite"(Official Bootleg)20053.0573.520.7
1184Status Quo "XS All Areas - Greatest Hits"20043.0573.520.96
1185Jethro Tull "Living With The Past"20022.91103.3331.47
1186Red Hot Chili Peppers "Off The Map"20022.626320.61
1187Nuclear Assault "Louder Harder Faster"20062.613310.63
1188Various Artists "13. Wave Gotik Treffen"20042.613310.64
1189Dare "The Power Of Nature: Live In Munich"20052.613310.7
1190Wintersun "Live @ Summerbreeze 2005"(Official bootleg "Live And Row)20062.613310.87
1191Queensryche "The Art of Live"20042.613310.72
1192Oasis "Familiar To Millions"20022.613310.68
1193Six Feet Under "Maximum Video"20012.613310.68
1194Classic Rock String Quartet "Pink Floyd Chamber Suite"20032.613311.19
1195Nashville Pussy "Live In Hollywood"20082.613310.7
1196Seventh Key "Live in Atlanta 2005"20052.613311.34
1197Stratovarius "Infinite Visions"20002.613310.7
1198White Noise "In The Hall Of The Mountain King"DVD20042.613311.11
1199Underoath "777"20072.613310.71
1200Пилигрим "Концерт Под Дождём"20082.3382.6730.92
1201Saxon "To hell and back again"20072.3382.6730.67
1202Various Artists "Earcrusher"20071.742210.8
1203Various Artists "Pagan Fire"20081.742210.65
1204The Cardigans "Live In London"20041.742210.67
1205Symphony X "Paradise Lost"Bonus DVD20071.3131.520.77
1206Winger "Live"20080.871110.54
1207Twisted Sister "The Video Years"20070.871110.6
1208Europe "Live In Sweden - The Final Countdown Tour 1986"20th Anniversary Edition20060.871110.64
1209Samael "Reign Of Light" (Bonus DVD)20070.871110.71
1210Suzi Quatro "Leather Forever"20040.4420.541.09
1211Beyonce "I Am...Yours. An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas"200900000.55
1212Оргия Праведников "10 лет"201000000.61
1213Animal ДжаZ "Можно Всё"200900000.59
1214Justin Timberlake "Justified"200300000.68
1215Foo Fighters "Live at Wembley Stadium"Blu-Ray200800000.71
1216Destiny's Child "World Tour"200300000.88
1217Travis "Live @ Alexandra Palace"200400001.08
1218The Cars "Live"200400000.69
1219Savage Garden "Superstars And Cannonballs: Live And On Tour In Australia"200100001.04
1220Queens Of The Stone Age "Over The Years And Through The Woods"200500000.75
1221Nirvana "Live! Tonight! Sold Out!"200600000.63
1222Various "Monsters of Death - The Ultimate Death - Metal Compilation"200500000.67
1223My Dying Bride "An Ode To Woe"200800000.52
1224Rick Wakeman "Swedish Television Special 1980"200900000.62
1225The Velvet Underground "Velvet Redux: Live MCMXCIII"200900000.56
1226Dokken "Live From The Sun"200000000.63
1227Various "Monsters of Death - The Ultimate Death - Metal Compilation vol.2"200700000.92
1228The Killers "Live From The Royal Albert Hall 2009"200900000.68
1229Britney Spears "Live and More!"200000001.15
1230Christina Aguilera "Back To Basics: Live And Down Under"200800000.73
1231Praying Mantis "Captured - Alive In Tokyo City"200300000.72
1232Sex Pistols "There'll Always Be An England - Live At Brixton Academy"200800000.65
1233Elvis Presley "Aloha from Hawaii - Special Edition"200600000.76
1234Oasis "Definitely Maybe" DVD200400000.6
1235Nirvana "Hollywood Rock Festival - Live In Brazil"200700000.63
1236Danko Jones "Sleep Is The Enemy - Live in Stockholm"200600000.82
1237Franz Ferdinand "The DVD"200500000.62
1238Alcatrazz "Metallic Live ’84"200300000.74
1239Pearl Jam "Live At The Garden"200300001.05
1240Simple Plan "Live MTV Hard Rock Live"200700000.58
1241Slash "Live At The Glastonbury Festival"201000000.62
1242Beastie Boys "Awesome: I Fuckin' Shot That!"200600000.8
1243Paramore "The Final Riot!"200900000.62
1244Woodstock "3 Days Of Peace And Music - Two-Disc 40th-Anniversary Special Edition"(Director's Cut)200900000.69
1245Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Live"200900000.64
1246Destiny's Child "Live in Atlanta"200700000.81
1247Gogol Bordello "Live From Axis Mundi"200900000.97
12487 Раса "Корабль бумажный"200700000.64
1249Otto Dix "усталость металла"200800000.63
1250Black Sabbath "Live in Greece"200800001
1251The White Stripes "Under Great White Northern Lights"201000000.65
1252de/vision "Unplugged and the Motion Pictures"200400000.68
1253Blur "No Distance Left To Run"201000000.73
1254Radiohead "The Best Of"сборник клипов200800000.66
1255Avantasia "The Flying Opera - Around The World In 20 Days - Live"(2 DVD)201100001.08
1256Stratovarius "Eternal"Bonus DVD201500005.7
1257Opeth "The Roundhouse Tapes"200800000.77
1258Therion "Theli" Bonus DVD201400008.19
1259Тараканы! "А мы уже рубим!"Live at DKG200400000.82
1260Музыкальный Коллектив Петра Налича "Концерт в клубе Б1 Maximum"200800000.65
1261Shadowland "Edge Of Night"200800000.64
1262Uriah Heep "The Legend Continues - A Celebration Of 30 Years In Rock"200000000.71
1263Erasure "Live at the Royal Albert Hall"200800000.7
1264Iron Savior "Live At The Final Frontier"[DVD + 2 CD digipack]201500005.71
1265Paradise Lost "Draconian Times MMXI"(2 DVD)201100001.17
1266Paul Gilbert "Space Ship Live"200600000.92
1267Slayer "Repentless (Live At Wacken 2014)"Bonus DVD201500005.26
1268The Big 4 "Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax - Sonisphere Festival Sofia Bulgaria"2 DVD201000001.11
1269Eminem "E"200000000.67
1270Sinister "Prophecies Denied"200600000.98
1271Quiet Riot "Live at the Us Festival 1983"201200000.91
1272Dragonforce "In The Line Of Fire"201500005.26
1273Stratovarius "Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere"12td00000.9
1274PJ Harvey "On Tour: Please Leave Quietly"200600000.98
1275Jane Air "Live"Питерский nu-metall200500000.73
1276Hammerfall "Rebels With A Cause"200800000.85
1277Britney Spears "In the Zone"Выступления, сьёмки клипа, интервью200400000.87
1278Phil Collins "Serious Hits... Live!"200900000.57
1279Creed "Live"200900000.6
1280Guns N`Roses "Live At The Hippodrome. Paris"200000000.75
1281Cannibal Corpse "15 Year Killing Spree"200300000.6
1282Phil Collins "Live And Loose In Paris"Концерт Фила Коллинза в Париже, 1997 год200100000.96
1283Pearl Jam "Immagine In Cornice - Live In Italy"200700000.59
1284Peter Maffay & Band "Ruckblicke - Live 3"200900000.6
1285Chicago And Earth, Wind & Fire "Live At The Greek Theatre"200900000.64
1286Keane "Curate a Night for War Child" DVD200800000.62
1287Земфира "Zemfira. DVD"сборник клипов200700000.81
1288Placebo "Rock am Ring - Summer 2006"200700000.58
1289No Doubt "Rock Steady Live"200300000.64
1290Nickelback "The Ultimate Video Collection"200000000.5
12917 Раса "Напряжённый концерт в Апельсине"200700000.66
1292Ill Nino "Live from the eye of the storm"200400000.61
1293Norah Jones and The Handsome Band "Live in 2004"200400000.67
1294Animal джаZ "Зверский джаз"200700000.65
1295Astor Piazzolla "Live at the 1984 Montreal Jazz Festival"200800000.67
1296Deicide "When London Burns"200600000.66