Оцененные диски
U2 "Zoo TV. Live From Sydney"
U2 "Live at Red Rocks"
U2 "Live From Boston - Elevation 2001"
Deep Purple "Concerto for Group And Orchestra"
Deep Purple "In Concert With the London Symphony Orchestra"
Deep Purple "Live In California 74"
Deep Purple "Perihelion"
Deep Purple "Come Hell or High Water"
Queen "Queen Rock Montreal + Live Aid"
Queen "Greatest Video Hits 1"
Queen "Queen On Fire : Live At The Bowl"
Queen "Волшебство в Будапеште"
Queen "Live At Wembley Stadium"
Queen "Greatest Video Hits 2"
Queen "Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert"
Genesis "When In Rome 2007"
Genesis "Live at Wembley Stadium"
Genesis "The Way We Walk"
Pink Floyd "PULSE"
Pink Floyd "Live At Pompeii"
Pink Floyd "LONDON 1966/1967"
Rainbow "Live In Munich 1977"
RAINBOW "Final Cut" & "Live Between the Eye
Whitesnake "Live-In the Still of the Night
Scorpions "Acoustica"
Scorpions "Amazonia (Live In The Jungle)"
Scorpions "Live At Wacken Open Air 2006"
AC/DC "No Bull: The Director's Cut - Madrid 1996"
AC/DC "Live At Donington"
Blackmore's Nights "Castles and Dreams"
Blackmore's Night "Paris Moon"
Roger Waters "The Wall : Live In Berlin"
Pink Floyd "The Wall"
Coldplay "How We Saw The World"
Judas Priest "Electric Eye"
Jimi Hendrix "Live at Woodstock"
Dio "We Rock"
Pink Floyd "Reflections and Echoes"
Nirvana "Unplugged in New York"
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